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Keith Adams

Hydro Glass

We still get offered some fascinating Rover memorabilia at AROnline, but this is one of the more unusual items. Reader Jurgen Mitchell has been in touch to tell us about this etched piece of glass with a very unusual history. It comes free to a fan, including delivery. Why? Because Jurgen is an enthusiast and wants to see this little bit of history saved for the future.

The glass comes from the Hydro Aluminium Motorcast Leeds, which used to be known as the West Yorkshire Foundry – it was here that, as many of our readers will know, K-Series engine blocks were cast. The foundry closed in November 2005 and, after a protracted period, it now appears that the foundry equipment is being disposed of.

Jurgen said: ‘Philip Herron (HR director), Bob Markey (closure manager) and I have been tasked with disposing of its equipment. Philip has just been in touch asking me if I knew anyone that might be interested in a part of the foundry’s history. It’s a sheet of clear glass approximately 8ft x 4ft (above), with the original Norsk Hydro logo on, with the Viking long ship – and it is no longer required.’

He added: ‘Being a little passionate about the place I am trying my hardest to find a home for this item (if it would fit in my home I would take it), this would be entirely free of charge including delivery to yourselves. Could you please respond as soon as you can as there is obviously time limit on it.’

So, if you’re interested, drop Jurgen a line via email, and let us know how you get on. We’d obviously love to see this small piece of history retained… because, as we all know, as times pass and memories fade, items like this will become increasingly interesting.

Keith Adams


  1. “Rover-embossed”? Where?

    Although it’s a poor photo, the only ‘longship’ I can see is part of the old Norsk Hydro logo.

  2. For once, please could you learn a little about Rover manufacturing before you spout rubbish.
    All K-series heads were cast on site at Longbridge. WYF made most of the damp liner four cylinder blocks. Early wet liner fours were cast at Longbridge. V6 blocks were cast by Cosworth at Worcester.

    You have been in contact with me in the past; I have given you lots of information on casting of K-series parts which you have reported in a lazy manner. If you want to be accurate then please do check your facts.

  3. @5 Duncan (whoever you are), that’s really OTT and quite unnecessary. Keith does more for the AR community that probably anyone else, and he may make the odd mistake here and there – don’t we all? (possibly that is except for Duncan :-)). A little more circumspection and respect is called for.

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