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MG Metro

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Daimler DS420

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
DCN174The Daimler LimousineRear passenger compartment11/06/1968n/aUK
DCN175The Daimler LimousineSemi-profile, in field11/06/1968n/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aJaguar E-type Series IIIFront 3/4, in fieldn/an/aUK
n/aSeries 3 ‘E’ Type CoupeDimensional drawings, profile and plann/an/aUK
n/aSeries 3 ‘E’ Type Roadster and CoupeLine drawings, front and rearn/an/aUK
n/aSeries 3 ‘E’ Type RoadsterDimensional drawings, profile and plann/an/aUK
n/aSeries 3 ‘E’ Type V12 CoupeAnnotated plan drawingn/an/aUK
n/aSeries 3 ‘E’ Type V12 CoupeAnnotated profile drawingn/an/aUK
209801Jaguar E-type Series Three 2+2 CoupeSemi-profile, outside antiques shop29/03/1971n/aUK
209802Jaguar E-type Series Three 2-seater roadsterProfile, outside ruin29/03/1971n/aUK
209803Machining cylinder blocks in Jaguar’s £3,000,000 V12 engine manufacturing plant at CoventryProduction line29/03/1971n/aUK
209804Jaguar E-type Series Three CoupeFront seats/dashboard29/03/1971n/aUK
209805Jaguar E-type Series Three 2+2 Coupe (V12)Rear 3/429/03/1971TRW 920JUK
209806Jaguar V12 engineCutaway drawing29/03/1971n/aUK
209807Jaguar E-type Series Three RoadsterCockpit29/03/1971n/aUSA
209808Jaguar E-type Series ThreeUnderbonnet view29/03/1971n/aEurope

Jaguar Mark II

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
JA3670/3Jaguar 340 SaloonProfile, by treesn/an/aUK
JA3670/8Jaguar 340 SaloonFront 3/4, by treesn/aJAGUARUK

Land Rover

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aLand Rover 88 station wagonFront 3/4, by treesn/aTBW 773RUK
n/aLand Rover 109 V8Front 3/4, on snown/an/aGermany
n/aLand Rover 110Front 3/4, in fieldn/aCWK 37YUK
n/aLand Rover 110Profile, in fieldn/aCWK 37YUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
No marque
8263/8Maestro SpecialFront 3/4, by trees16/10/1988F124 YEPUK
9/88/2127/C6Maestro 500 L 2.0 Diesel vanRear 3/4, outside building16/10/1988F140 YEPUK
9/88/2127/F3Maestro 500 L 2.0 Diesel vanRear 3/4, outside DIY store16/10/1988UK
9/88/2128/B5Maestro 1.6 SLFront 3/4, outside house16/10/1988F104 NYWUK
n/aAustin MaestroBootspace configurationsn/an/aGermany
n/aAustin MaestroFront 3/4, by railingsn/aD-YZ 322Germany
n/aAustin MaestroProfile, by railingsn/aD-YZ 322Germany
n/aAustin MaestroRear 3/4, by railingsn/aD-YZ 322Germany
n/aAustin MaestroProfile, by railingsn/aD-AR 470Germany
n/aAustin MaestroFront 3/4, by railingsn/aD-AR 470Germany
n/aAustin MaestroRear 3/4, by railingsn/aD-AR 470Germany
n/aAustin MaestroDashboardn/an/aGermany
n/aAustin MaestroFront seatsn/an/aGermany
n/aAustin Maestro LEProfile, on tarmacn/an/aGermany
n/aMaestro 1.3 LSDashboard1985n/aEurope
n/aAustin Maestro 1.6 MayfairFront 3/4, in studio1985AUSTINEurope
n/aMG Maestro 1600Profile, on tarmacn/aD-WK 543Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-WK 543Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front 3/4, in motionn/aD-WK 543Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front passenger compartmentn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Profile, in motionn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front 3/4, by treesn/aD-PR 123Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Profile, by treesn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Rear 3/4, by treesn/aD-PR 123Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front, by treesn/aD-PR 123Germany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Front seatsn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Dashboardn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Maestro 1600Rear 3/4 close-upn/aD-PR 123Germany

Marina, Ital

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aMorris Ital – 1300 A-Plus motorUnderbonnet1981n/aHolland
n/aMorris Ital – A-Plus motor, minder onderhoudRear 3/4, on ramp1981n/aHolland
n/aMorris Ital 1,7 HLSFront 3/4, in studio1981MORRISHolland
n/aMorris Ital 1,7 HLSRear 3/4, in studio1981MORRISHolland
208421Marina 1300 Saloon Super DeluxeProfile, doors openn/an/aUK
208422Marina 1300 Saloon Super DeluxeDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
208682Marina 1300 Coupe DeluxeCutaway drawingn/an/aUK
208984Marina 1300 Coupe DeluxeFront 3/4, by cliffn/aWOH 491JUK
209009Marina 1300 Coupe Super DeluxeRear 3/4, by the sean/aWOH 492JUK
209038Marina 1800 Coupe DeluxeProfile, outside villan/an/aUK
209064Marina 1300 Saloon DeluxeProfile, by the sean/an/aUK
209074Marina 1300 Saloon Super DeluxeFront 3/4, by cliffn/aWOH 497JUK
209099Marina 1800 Saloon DeluxeFront 3/4, by cliffn/aWOH 498JUK
209456The Marina RangeEnsemblen/aMARINAUK
209459Marina Coupe 1300/1800Front 3/4n/aMARINAUK
209467Marina 1800 TC SaloonFront 3/4, in motionn/aWOH 500JUK
209600Marina 1800 TC CoupeSemi-profile, in motionn/aWOH 495JUK
209629Marina 1800 CoupeFront 3/4, at airfieldn/aWOH 494JUK
209671Marina 1800 Saloon Super DeluxeFront 3/4, studio shotn/aWOH 499JUK
220516Marina EstateFront 3/4, in fieldn/aAOG 739LUK
220540Marina EstateSemi-profile, boot openn/an/aUK
220975Marina EstateProfile, boot openn/an/aUK
220997Marina EstateRear 3/4, boot openn/an/aUK
221009Marina EstateFront 3/4, by steam enginen/aAOG 739LUK
239683Marina EstateProfile, boot openn/an/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
193301Maxi by AustinUnderbonnet, from siden/an/aUK
193811Maxi by AustinDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
193827Maxi by AustinRear 3/4, outside housen/aOOX 645GUK
205862Austin Maxi 1750Seats folded to form bedn/an/aUK
205871Austin Maxi 1750Front 3/4, in studion/aVOH 207JUK
205874Austin Maxi 1750Rear 3/4, in studion/aVOH 207JUK
222718Maxi High LineFront 3/4, by treesn/aYWL 921LUK
222840Maxi High LineFront 3/4, angledn/aYWL 921LUK
222869Maxi AutomaticFront 3/4, in fieldn/aVRG 101LUK
223456Maxi High LineEnginen/an/aUK
223456Maxi High LineDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
223457Maxi High LineBoot, rear seats downn/an/aUK
223459Maxi AutomaticGear levern/an/aUK
241806The Austin Maxi-based Aquila, winner of the British Styling Competition, is to be presented in London as a competed car on 9 October 1973. It is shown alongside a production Maxi.Front 3/4, from above1973UJX 532M (Maxi)UK
241808The Austin Maxi-based Aquila, winner of the British Styling Competition, is to be presented in London as a competed car on 9 October 1973.Semi-profile, by workshops1973n/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
No marque
2035/G4Metro 1275 Sport Limited EditionRear 3/4, in the country14/10/1987E360 NTHUK
2035/L4Metro 1275 Sport Limited EditionFront 3/4, in the country14/10/1987E360 NTHUK
330544-30-3-88Metro Principles Limited EditionFront 3/4, by shop30/03/1988E495 KCEUK
5/88/2084/E4Metro ARX Limited EditionRear 3/4, in shopping centre08/06/1988E421 KUCUK
WR8809367/4Metro 1.3 GSRear 3/4, outside house16/10/1988F135 YEPUK
WR8809367/9Metro GTaRear 3/4, outside office block16/10/1988F133 YEPUK
n/aProject Metro – Competition prototypeFront 3/4, outside BL Motorsport HQn/an/aUK
n/aProject Metro – 16 valve, twin-ohc engineUnderbonnet, from aboven/an/aUK
314882Metro Vanden Plas – interiorFront seats/dashboard21/04/1982n/aUK
314925Metro Vanden PlasFront 3/4, by lake21/04/1982JFC 299XUK
314927Metro Vanden PlasRear 3/4, boot open21/04/1982JFC 299XUK
317307Metro 1.3 HLFront 3/4n/aOTF 238YUK
321098Austin Metro 310 VanRear 3/4n/aA132 NUWUK
n/aMini Metro – A-Plus power unitUnderbonnet1981n/aHolland
n/aMini Metro 1,3 HLSFront passenger compartment1981n/aHolland
n/aMini Metro 1,3 SRear 3/4, in studio1981METROHolland
n/aMini Metro 1000 HLEFront 3/4, in studio1981METROHolland
n/aMetro 1000 LSemi-profile, in motionn/an/aEurope
n/aAustin Metro 1300 Surf GTFront 3/4, outside buildingn/an/aHolland
n/aAustin Metro 1300 Surf GTFront passenger compartmentn/an/aHolland
n/aAustin Metro 1300 Surf GTRear 3/4, by foliagen/an/aHolland
n/aAustin Metro 1300 Surf GTFront 3/4, outside housen/aAUSTINHolland
n/aMetroFront 3/4, by windmilln/aD-VR 116Germany
n/aMetro Surf PlusFront 3/4, outside office block1985METROEurope
314822MG MetroSemi-profile, by lake05/05/1982JFC 259XUK
314837MG Metro – interiorFront seats/dashboard05/05/1982n/aUK
314901MG Metro – underbonnet viewUnderbonnet, from front05/05/1982n/aUK
314909MG MetroFront 3/405/05/1982JFC 259XUK
317638MG Metro TurboFront-onn/aBWL 660YUK
317643MG Metro TurboRear 3/4, on graveln/aBWL 660YUK
317645MG Metro TurboUnderbonnet, from aboven/an/aUK
317647MG Metro TurboFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
317660MG Metro TurboFront 3/4, in motionn/aBWL 660YUK
n/aMG Metro 1300Rear 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-PD 612Germany
n/aMG Metro 1300Front passenger compartmentn/an/aGermany
n/aMG Metro TurboSemi-profile, on tarmacn/aD-PD 552Germany
n/aMG Metro TurboRear 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-PD 552Germany
8/88/2120/B9MG MetroSemi-profile, by trees16/10/1988F18 YEPUK
325557MG Metro –
Bodyline by Patricia Norris
Front 3/4n/aC140 AYXUK

MG range

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
206044MG Sports Car Range for 1970Ensemble, on graveln/aVOH 209J
VOH 219J
BMR-0902-650New MG Range: TF, ZR, ZS, ZT & ZT-TEnsemble, on cobbled drivewaySept 2002?E-MG 1084Germany
Keith Adams

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