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Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS/0195/514Rover L-series 2-litre diesel engineFront 3/4, out of car31/01/1995n/aUK
RGS/0195/515Rover L-series 2-litre diesel engineUnderbonnet view31/01/1995n/aUK
RGS/0196/674Rover KV6 engineFront 3/4, out of car16/01/1996n/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aInnocenti Austin A40SFront 3/4, in studion/an/aItaly


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aTriumph Acclaim HLSFront 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-NH 818Germany


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aAustin Allegro 1300 SpecialFront 3/4, by trees; front passenger compartment01/01/1977BL-19-77Belgium
n/aAllegro “3”Ensemble, in car park15/01/1980ALLEGRO 3Belgium
n/aAllegro 3Underbonnet view01/02/1980n/aBelgium
n/aAustin Allegro 3Front 3/4, in studion/aAllegroBelgium
n/aAllegro 3Front 3/4, by river01/02/1980Allegro 3Belgium
n/aAllegro 3Front 3/4, in town square01/02/1980ALLEGRO 3Belgium
n/aAllegro Mk2 1500 SpecialFront 3/4, by trees01/01/1976BLB 1976Belgium
n/aLeyland – Allegro 1300SDL 4d/4pFront 3/4, industrial setting01/01/1978BLB 1978Belgium
n/aLeyland – Silver Arrow AllegroFront 3/4, by trees01/01/1978BLB 1978Belgium
n/aAllegro Equipe – the most extrovert car yet from Austin MorrisFront 3/4, in studion/aEQUIPEUK
228639Allegro – section of Super four doorFront 3/4, cutaway drawingn/an/aUK
228704Allegro 1100/1300 Under-the-bonnet viewUnderbonnet viewn/aUK
249139Allegro 1100 DeluxeFront 3/4, by laken/aBJP 811NUK
249142Austin Allegro 1100 DeluxeFront 3/4, by laken/aBJP 811NUK
256909Austin Allegro 1300 Super EstateRear 3/4, in studion/aJBW 808NUK
260407Austin Allegro 1750 HL 4-doorWoman sitting with legs crossed on rear seat14/10/1975n/aUK
269669Austin Allegro 1300 Super EstateFront 3/4, by castlen/aJVP 897RUK
278853Allegro 1300Front 3/4, in studion/aHOE 19SExport
280282Allegro 1300 SpecialFront 3/4, by gatesn/a8245 RU 95Export
281169Allegro 1300 EstateFront 3/4, outside stately homen/aHOE 32SUK
3090931981 Allegro 3 1.5 HLFront 3/4, in field1981HOH 946WUK
n/aAustin Allegro 1300 HL estate (combi)Front 3/4, in studio1981AUSTINHolland
n/aLeyland – AllegroFront 3/4, by treesn/aAllegroBelgium
Vanden Plas
248832Vanden Plas 1500Front-end, close-up17/11/1974n/aUK

Austin 3-litre

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
175677Austin Westminster 3-litreRear 3/4, with couplen/an/aUK
175917Austin Westminster 3-litreFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
175920Austin Westminster 3-litreFront passenger compartmentn/an/aUK
177176Austin Westminster 3-litreUnderbonnet, from aboven/an/aUK
190358Austin 3-litreFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
190401Austin 3-litreFront 3/4, outside stately homen/aOOH 556GUK

BMC 1100, 1300

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aAustin AmericaFront 3/4, by statue of Columbusn/aAUSTIN AMERICAUS
8022/1Austin 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonFront 3/4, outside churchn/aLOB 874FUK
162401Austin 1100 CountrymanFront 3/4, in studion/aMBL 156DUK
162404Austin 1100 CountrymanRear 3/4, boot openn/an/aUK
162407Austin 1100 CountrymanInterior 3/4, front passenger compartmentn/an/aUK
162714Austin 1100 CountrymanFront 3/4, in snowy mountain settingn/aEOV 317DUK
176103Austin 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
176104Austin 1100 MkII 4-door Super Deluxe SaloonFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
176113Austin 1100 MkII 4-door Super Deluxe SaloonFront 3/4, in studion/aGWL 737FUK
176114Austin 1100 MkII 4-door Super Deluxe SaloonFront 3/4, in studion/aGWL 737FUK
224853Austin Victoria De-LuxeFront 3/4, on beachn/aVICTORIAUK press
1965471300 GTFront 3/4, highn/aNVP 249HUK
2133861300 SaloonFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
2135451100-1300 rangeEnsemblen/aUOK 995K
UOK 994K
UOK 992K
UOK 990K
UOK 991K
UOK 989K
2137111100 SaloonFront 3/4, outside pubn/aUOK 973KUK
2137851300 SaloonFront 3/4, by treesn/aUOK 974Kn/a
241279Arrangement of gearbox and new drive shaft inboard joints on 1300 power unitEngine and gearbox, from rearn/an/aUK
19977Innocenti IM3Interior, doors removedn/an/aItaly
19982Innocenti IM3Front, in studion/an/aItaly
20301Innocenti IM3Front 3/4, in studion/an/aItaly
23272Austin J4Front 3/4, close-upn/an/aItaly
23273Austin J4Front, in studion/aINNOCENTIItaly
23274Austin J4Front 3/4, in studion/an/aItaly
n/aMG 1100Front 3/4, by treesn/a315 LWLUK
109137MG 1100Front 3/4, by trees02/10/1962443 MJOUK
124990MG 1100Front 3/4, by laken/a157 RFCUK
176420MG 1100 Saloon MkIIDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
176592MG 1100 saloon Mk2Front 3/4, by laken/aFWL 586FUK
190340MG 1300 MkII SaloonDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
206048MG 1300Front 3/4, in studion/aVOH 213JUK
n/aMorris 1100Front 3/4n/a420 MWLUK
n/aMorris 1100Rear 3/4, boot openn/an/aUK
n/aMorris 1100Front 3/4, by laken/a562 MWLUK
7996/6Morris 1100 MkII 4-door Super Deluxe SaloonDashboardn/an/aUK
124826Morris 1100Front 3/4, by laken/a594 SWLUK
162281Morris 1100 TravellerRear 3/4, boot openn/an/aUK
162303Morris 1100 TravellerFront 3/4, in studion/aCFC 4DUK
176145Morris 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
176148Morris 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonClose-up of rear light and badgen/an/aUK
176187Morris 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonFront 3/4, by treesn/aCWL 852FUK
176468Morris 1100 Deluxe 2-door SaloonDashboard, lhdn/an/aUK
176472Morris 1300 Super Deluxe SaloonUnderbonnet, from front 3/4n/aUK
177293Morris 1100 Deluxe 2-door SaloonFront 3/4, by fieldn/aDFC 899FUK
2133731300 TravellerFront 3/4, by treesn/aTFC 198KUK
140992Riley KestrelFront 3/4, overheadn/aAOX 876CUK
150010Riley KestrelFront 3/4, in motionn/aAOX 876CUK
150162Riley KestrelDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
150182Riley KestrelUnderbonnetSep 1965n/aUK
160042Riley KestrelFront 3/4, with two womenn/aEEL 567CUK
176458Riley Kestrel 1300 saloonFront 3/4, by stepsn/aOLX 844FUK
176465Riley Kestrel 1300 SaloonUnderbonnetn/an/aUK
176469Riley Kestrel 1300 SaloonDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
Vanden Plas
176854Vanden Plas Princess 1300Dashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
176855Vanden Plas Princess 1300Front seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
127824Wolseley 1100Interior from side, doors removedn/an/a
150159Wolseley 1100 SaloonDashboard 3/4n/an/aUK
150160Wosleley 1100 SaloonFront 3/4, by treesn/aCOP 315CUK
150161Wosleley 1100 SaloonRear 3/4, by treesn/aCOP 315CUK
150178Wolseley 1100 SaloonFront 3/4, in motionn/aCOP 315CUK
150179Wolseley 1100 saloonFront 3/4, outside restaurantn/aCOP 315CUK
177171Wolseley 1300 saloonFront 3/4, by lawnn/aKVP 95FUK
185294Wolseley 1300 MkIIFront 3/4, by lawnn/an/an/a
223639Wosleley 1300Front 3/4, by lawnn/aAKO 181LUK

BMC 1800, 2200

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
8166/1Austin 1800 MkII SaloonFront 3/4, outside office blockn/an/aUK
8167/1Austin 1800 MkII SaloonRear 3/4, outside office blockn/an/aUK
8166/2Morris 1800 MkII SaloonFront 3/4, outside office blockn/an/aUK
8166/3Morris 1800 MkII SaloonFront passenger compartmentn/an/aUK
8324/2Morris 1800 MkII ‘S’Rear badgen/an/aUK
190403Morris 1800 MkII ‘S’Front 3/4, in motionn/aJFC 229GUK
170884Wolseley 18/85 SaloonFront 3/4, in studion/aFOM 958EUK
170885Wolseley 18/85 SaloonFront, in studion/aFOM 958EUK
171137Wolseley 18/85 SaloonFront 3/4n/aJOC 510EUK
171152Wolseley 18/85 SaloonFront 3/4, at the Bull Ring, Birminghamn/aJOC 510EUK
171157Wolseley 18/85 SaloonProfile, outside buildingn/an/aUK
238893Wolseley SixFront 3/4, with couplen/aWCO 172MUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
BMR-0603-1088The New CityRoverFront 3/4, outside building01/06/2003CITYROVERUK
BMR-0603-1089The New CityRoverFront 3/4, outside building01/06/2003CITYROVERUK
BMR-0603-1090The New CityRoverRear 3/4, outside building01/06/2003CITYROVERUK
BMR-0603-1091The New CityRoverInterior 3/4, front passenger compartment01/06/2003n/aUK
Keith Adams

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