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Jaguar XJ6

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Rover 75

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS-0501-169Rover 75 TourerRear 3/4, in motionMay 2001UVV 881UK
RGS-0901-340Rover 75 Saloon – Connoisseur with optional 16″ Union multi-spoke alloy wheels with 215/55 R16 tyresSemi-profile, in motionSept 2001ROVERUK
RGS-0202-444Rover 75 Vanden Plas – a new long-wheelbase limousine-style vehicle developed from the Rover 75 saloonProfile, in studioFeb 2002n/aUK
RGS-0202-446Monogram Program. MG and Rover customers can now personalise their cars in special colours, special interior fabrics and new technology equipment accessoriesFront 3/4, in studioFeb 2002ROVERUK
RGS-0802-604Rover 75 Vanden PlasFront 3/4, at airfieldAug 20022 ROVUK
BMR-0902-657Rover 75 1.8T Saloon – powered by a 150PS turbocharged K-series engineFront 3/4, in motionSept 2002ROVERUK
BMR-0902-667Rover 75 Vanden PlasRear passenger compartmentSept 2002n/aUK
RGS-1000-052Rover 75 – now being produced at LongbridgeFront 3/4, on suspension bridge01/10/2000X461 CJWUK

Rover 800

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aRover 800Drawings of 2.5- and 2.0-litre enginesn/an/aUK
n/aRover 800Driver’s seat and dashboardn/an/aFrance
n/aRover 820Front 3/4, on graveln/aROVER 820France
n/aRover 820Rear 3/4, on graveln/aROVER 820France
n/aRover 820Underbonnetn/an/aFrance
n/aRover 825Front, on graveln/aROVER 825France
n/aRover SterlingFront 3/4, structural drawingn/an/aUK
n/aRover 800 SterlingFront 3/4, outside stately homen/aC800 ROVUK
n/aRover 820iFront 3/4n/aC820 ROVUK
n/aRover 820iSemi-profile, outside stately homen/an/aUK
n/aRover 800 rangeEnsemblen/aC820 ROV
C800 ROV
C821 ROV
n/aRover 820SiFront 3/4, by walled gardenn/aC821 ROVUK
n/aRover 820SiSemi-profile, outside stately homen/an/aUK
n/aRover 820SiFront seats/dashboardn/an/aUK
RH/0692/203Rover 800 VitesseFront 3/4, on driveway01/06/1992K682 SACUK
RGS/0694/460Rover 800 Vitesse SportFront 3/4, at Longbridge01/06/1994M875 TDUUK
RGS/0694/477Rover 800 CoupeFront 3/4, by stone archway01/06/1994M263 TDUUK
RGS/0196/671The new Rover 800 series – 825Si/SLi picturedSemi profile, by water16/01/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0196/672The Rover KV6 engine and Rover 800 Series – SterlingEnsemble, at Blenheim Palace16/01/1996ROVERUK
RGS/0196/699The 1996 Rover 800 Series – sumptuous Sterling interior with 800Si/SLi saloon pictured beyondEnsemble, at Blenheim Palace01/01/1996n/aUK
RGS/0896/766The Bank of England invests in Sterling – Rover 800 Sterling pictured outside the Bank of EnglandSemi-profile, outside Bank of England01/08/1996P825 SVCUK
RGS/0896/767The latest Rover 800 welcomes you to England – Rover 800 Sterling courtesy car with British Airways ConcordeFront 3/4, outside hangar01/08/1996P825 SVCUK
RGS/1096/782Rover 800 Series – Coupe TurboFront 3/4, on gravel driveway01/10/1996ROVERUK
RGS/1296/797Rover 800 Series – SaloonProfile, outside stately home01/12/1996n/aUK
6/88/2095/C6Rover 800 SterlingFront 3/4, by double garageJun 1988F110 YEPUK
8/88/2121/G4Rover 800 VitesseRear 3/4, in fieldAug 1988F31 YEPUK

Rover CCV

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
326576Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Dashboard20/04/1986CCVUK
326577Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Rear 3/4, in studio20/04/1986CCVUK
326578Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Front 3/4, in studio20/04/1986CCVUK
326579Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Profile, on gravel20/04/1986CCVUK
326580Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Profile, in studio20/04/1986CCVUK
326593Rover CCV (Concept Coupe Vehicle)Front passenger compartment20/04/1986CCVUK

Rover P5

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aThe new series 3-litre RoverFront 3/4, outside housen/a4346 WDUK
n/aThe new series 3-litre RoverFront 3/4, by treen/a4346 WDUK
n/aInterior of new series 3-litre Rover with automatic transmissionDashboardn/an/aUK
n/aRover 3 litreFront 3/4, roadworn by hillsn/a4356 WDUK
n/aRover 3 litre coupeFront 3/4, at roadsiden/a465 CNXUK
n/aRover 3 litreInterior of bootn/an/aUK
n/aRover 3 litre saloon Mk IIFront 3/4, by treesn/an/aUK
n/aThe new Rover 3-litre Mk IIIRear passenger compartment, with woman seatedn/an/aUK
n/aRover 3.5 litre coupeFront 3/4, outside housen/aRXC 438EUK
n/aRover 3.5 litre coupeFront 3/4, outside office blockn/aAXC 1FUK
1985273½ Litre CoupeFront 3/4, by power stationn/aCXC 181HUK

Rover P6

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aRover 2000Rear 3/4, by treesn/aMXC 702DUK
n/aRover 2000 (with wire wheels)Front 3/4, by treesn/an/aUK
n/aRover 2000 – body structure drawingFront 3/4, from undersiden/an/aUK
n/aRover 2000 – body structure drawingRear 3/4n/an/aUK
n/aRover 2000 TCFront 3/4, outside cottagesn/aMXC 326DUK
192667Rover 2000 SCFront 3/4, by pondn/aRXC 887EUK
192669Three Thousand FiveFront 3/4, by seafront cliffn/aXXC 554FUK
197037Rover 3500 V8Front 3/4, by restaurant/hoteln/an/aOverseas
198524Rover 2000TCFront 3/4, outside housen/aBXC 81HUK
198525Three Thousand FiveFront 3/4, by rivern/aCXC 81HUK
198526Three Thousand FiveFront 3/4, in motionn/aBXC 997GUK
205850Rover 3500 – showing new instrumentation and switchingInterior, front passenger compartment photographed through rear door29/09/1970n/aUK
205852Rover 3500 – new look 1971 modelFront, in field29/09/1970CXC 208JUK
205853Rover 2000TC and 3500 – new instrumentationInstrument binnacle29/09/1970n/aUK
206542Rover 2000 TCFront 3/4, at race trackn/aPXC 162JUK
213479Rover 3500 ‘S’Semi-profile, at speedn/an/aUK

Rover range

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
RGS/1094/492Rover 200, 400, 600, 800 seriesEnsemble, by Rover-branded baloon01/10/1994ROVERUK
RGS-0800-036Rover and MG products cross the road for new ‘X’ registrations in SeptemberEnsemble, in ‘X’ formation, shot from above01/08/2000n/aUK

Rover SD1

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
265190The new Rover 3500. A stylish and lavishly equipped five-door saloon launched by Leyland Cars on to the executive sector of the market.Two semi-profile shots, one with hatch open, one with hatch closedn/an/aUK
265253The new Rover 3500. A stylish and lavishly equipped five-door saloon launched by Leyland Cars on to the executive sector of the market.Front 3/4, in studio30/06/1976LOE 93PUK
269754Rover 3500 (fitted with optional alloy wheels)Front 3/4, by golf coursen/aLOE 109RUK
269755Rover 3500 (fitted with optional alloy wheels)Front 3/4, by coastlinen/aLOE 109PUK
269768Rover 3500 (fitted with optional alloy wheels)Rear 3/4, outside castlen/aLOE 109RUK
273475Rover 3500Cutaway drawingn/an/aUK
317411Rover VitesseProfile, by laken/an/aUK
317418Rover VitesseRear 3/4, by tressn/aABW 682YUK
318111Rover VitesseFront 3/4, on racetrackn/aROE 968YUK
318114Rover VitesseSemi-profile, at speedn/aROE 968YUK
15130/1Rover 3500Front 3/4, by heathlandn/aVRW 368TUK

Sprite, Midget

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
198665Austin SpriteFront 3/4, in fieldn/aSPRITEUK
198618MG MidgetFront 3/4, in fieldn/aMIDGETUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
BMR-1002-732MG Rover Group designer Peter Stevens with the Rover TCVFront 3/4, at Motor ShowOct 2002ROVERUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aTriumph TR7 convertibleFront 3/4, on track, with SD1 V8S1981TriumphEurope
n/aTriumph TR7 convertibleFront 3/4, with couple reading map1981TriumphEurope
n/aTriumph TR7 convertibleSemi-profile, in motion1981n/aEurope
n/aTriumph TR7 convertibleUnderbonnet1981n/aEurope
n/aTriumph TR7 convertiblePassenger compartment, from above1981n/aEurope

Triumph 1300, 1500, Toledo, Dolomite

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aTriumph 1500Rear 3/4, outside housen/aRVC 458HUK
n/aTriumph 1500Front 3/4, by fieldn/aRVC 458HUK
n/aTriumph 1500Dashboardn/an/aUK
269646Triumph Dolomite 1500 saloonFront 3/4, by laken/aLOP 367RUK
270654Triumph Dolomite SprintFront 3/4, outside “The Buttery” restaurantn/aLOP 294RUK

XJ saloon

Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
DCS741The new Daimler Sovereign SaloonRear passenger compartment09/10/1969n/aUK
DCS742The new Daimler Sovereign SaloonFront passenger compartment09/10/1969n/aUK
DCS743The new Daimler Sovereign SaloonFront 3/4, close-up09/10/1969RDU 5HUK
DCS744The new Daimler Sovereign SaloonFront 3/4, by trees09/10/1969RDU 5HUK
DCS745The new Daimler Sovereign SaloonRear, by trees09/10/1969RDU 5HUK
n/aJaguar XJ6 3.4 Series IIIFront 3/4, on graveln/aD-YZ 322Germany
n/aJaguar XJ6 4.2 Series IIIFront 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-JJ 529Germany
n/aJaguar XJ12 5.3 Series IIIRear 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-PR 123Germany
JM4503The new Jaguar XJ6 saloonRear26/09/1968MWK 21GUK
JM4504The new Jaguar XJ6 saloonDashboard26/09/1968n/aUK
JM4506The new Jaguar XJ6 saloonUnderbonnet, from above26/09/1968n/aUK
JM4507The new Jaguar XJ6 saloonRear 3/4, boot open26/09/1968JAGUARUK
XK73904.2 Litre XK enginePower-curve graphn/an/aUK
XK80522.8 Litre XJ6Power-curve graphn/an/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6 engineSectioned drawingn/an/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6Annotated drawingn/an/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6 – body structureCutaway drawingn/an/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6Cutaway drawingn/an/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6 undergoing crash test at proving groundRear 3/4, front deformed15/04/1969n/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6Press release re: crash testing15/04/1969n/aUK
n/aJaguar XJ6 – Winner of the Don Safety Trophy15/04/1969MWK 22GUK
n/aJaguar XJ6Front 3/4, on rough trackn/aMVC 203GUK
n/aJaguar XJ6Rear passenger compartmentn/an/aUK


Issue No.iSubjectViewDateReg No(s)Market
n/aJaguar XJSFront 3/4, on tarmacn/aD-VW 137Germany
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