News: New scrappage threat looms


According to Classic Car Weekly, and reported on the Classic Cars for Sale website (link below), the spectre of the return of scrappage is looming ever larger. There’s been widespread coverage of Mayor Boris Johnson’s statement that he’d like to see a scheme to lessen diesel cars on the capital’s streets, but it would seem that this desire goes further than that.

The Environmental Audit Committee has laid out plans in a report, which it has submitted to the House of Commons, highlighting the health risks brought about by vehicle emissions, stating that 29,000 people have died as a result. It’s recommending scrappage for diesels, but won’t deny that this would be extended to all cars, regardless of fuelling.

Nick Davies, spokesperson for the Environmental Audit Committee wouldn’t be drawn on the specifics, but he did say: ‘It will require work from the Department for Transport to develop the scheme and consult on it.’

As well as a scrappage scheme, the committee also suggested that changes to fuel duty could be introduced to encourage low emission vehicles, financial incentives for alternative fuels and to encourage walking and cycling as the ‘ultimate low emissions’ option.

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