News : The top stories on AROnline in 2023

It’s that time of the year again, so we’re looking back at the Top Ten most popular stories in each of the main categories on AROnline during 2023.

We’ve broken down the figures and ranked the top stories to show what you’ve been reading throughout the year. But more than that, looking into the past helps us shape what we’re writing in the future.

AROnline trends in 2023

I was kind of hoping that 2023 would emerge as a more ‘normal’ year than the previous three. Some hope! With spiralling fuel and food costs, high inflation and incompetent government, the fourth year of the third decade of the 21st century has managed to hold the beer of anything the 1970s may have thrown at us.

In short, it’s been tough for many of us. However, as a year for the United Kingdom’s motor industry, it’s been one that’s had a few positives to help keep us all sane. Announcements from MINI and Nissan expressing their desire to invest in the UK with production of next-generation cars were warmly met – not something we’d have believed possible in our post-Brexit economy.

The classic car scene had taken a bit of a battering on the events side of thing, as the cost of attending increased – but communities remained strong, and people continued to buy and sell cars. Values of cars rose, but nowhere near as sharply as in previous years, and it’s likely that in 2024, they’ll level off and start falling. That’s great news for buyers.

As for AROnline, we’re still here, and your support for the site is hugely appreciated. We’ve attracted more readers than last year (which was an increase on 2021), so that’s good news. I’m in the process of finding a partner to secure the site’s future as well as to allow me to gain more time to do other things.

It’s also nice to see so many of you are continuing to visit AROnline and interact. In 2023, we’ve had almost 1.9 million sessions, which is up on the 1.7 million we had in 2022. Thank you all.

Here are the top stories as read by you in 2023 – there are definitely some surprises along the way.

Development stories

Land Rover Freelander Frankfurt motor show (1997)

1.  The cars : Land Rover Freelander (CB40) development story
2.  The cars : Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk4 development story
3. The vans : Leyland Sherpa (CV306) development story
4. The cars : Lotus Elite (Type 75/83) development story
5. The cars : Ford Sierra development story
6. The cars : Vauxhall Victor FE (94000) development story
7. The cars : MG Maestro Turbo development story
8. The cars : Hillman Hunter (Rootes Arrow) development story
9. The cars : Chrysler 180 (C Car) development story
10. The cars : Austin Allegro (ADO67) development story

Concepts and prototypes

1.  Concepts and prototypes : Bertone’s Jaguar proposals
2.  Concepts and prototypes : MG Rover RDX60
3.  Concepts and prototypes : Austin Allegro (ADO67)
4.  Concepts and prototypes : Rover 75 (2006)
5.  Concepts and prototypes : Austin 1800 V8
6.  Concepts and prototypes : Rover P8
7.  Concepts and prototypes : MINI Hot Potato
8.  Concepts and prototypes : Rover 35 (R30)
9.  Concepts and prototypes : BMC/ERA Project 378
10. Concepts and prototypes : Triumph SD2


Rover 75 launch image

1.  Opinion : Rover 75 shown to the world and torpedoed
2.  Opinion : Anniversaries to look forward to in 2023
3.  Blog : Whatever happened to the Lotus Excel?
4.  Blog : A year in the life of the ‘unreliable’ Citroën C6
5.  Opinion : UK car manufacturing doing just fine…
6.  Opinion : Anything we can do… they can do worse: Renault 14
7.  Blog : Why I hate the Land Rover Freelander
8.  Opinion : MG Rovers – how many left?
9.  Opinion : Rover P8, and why it might be important
10. Opinion : Pressing the self-destruct button

Lotus Eclat Excel

Keith Adams

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