Auction Watch : Historics, 24 November

Keith Adams

Historics at Brooklands has its last sale of 2012 at the end of November, and is looking to finish the year on a high. The lot list for the sale continues to grow – it is approaching 100 – and there’s plenty of action for those with an AROnline taste in cars.

Most of you will know that it is AROnline’s settled position that the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1 is the best British-badged mid-sized saloon of the 1970s, but probably a few less will know that this car was also something of a Capri-beater in period, too. The Cavalier was available in Coupe and Sportshatch form, both of which were essentially Opel Mantas in a more sober suit for those who didn’t need to be quite so obvious…

Historics is offering a very nice Coupe in its sale. It’s a 2000GLS automatic has only had two owners from new and has covered less than 1000 miles since 1995, with a total mileage of 79,600. The seller has described the engine and gearbox to be in ‘excellent condition throughout and driving beautifully when warmed up’. This Vauxhall car comes with V5C registration document, the old V5 registration document showing the ownership change, an MoT test certificate from 1995 with the mileage of 78,707 and second MoT certificate dated 2006 when the mileage was 79,547. Estimate is a salty £2800-3800, and expect bidding to peter out before this…

Of more interest, though is this wonderful curio, for those who love Rover P6s (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) Genuine US-spec models are as rare as rot-free Rover 100s in the UK, so this ex-California car (estimate £7000-9000) is going to attract significant interest. The Rover P6 Nada was restored in 2001, and is fitted with a 3.9-litre engine for a little extra urgency. As it’s an ex-California car, and will have been fitted with significant anti-smog gear, it probably needed a little help. It’s an award-winning example of a great car, and for those who like the US specification changes, well worth a closer look.

Other cars that attracted our interest at the sale include a 1961 Standard Vanguard Vignale £4250-7500), and a 1978 Jaguar XJ-C by Lynx Engineering. The sale catalogue is online, all estimates and details included.


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  1. I did see an American spec P6B in Classic Car a few years ago and it featured aircon, electric windows and a stereo, none of which were standard on British market cars.

  2. Agree with Simon H- that really is something special. Not sure about the paintwork though- it looks as if it may have been given a ‘colour flip’ paint job- or it might just be an effect of the lighting conditions.

    The Americanised P6 is a bit over garnished though?

  3. All the cars shown here look great but my favourite is the Cavalier Coupe! Probably one of my favourite looking cars of all time. I always dreamed of owning one when I was younger (couldnt afford one back then of course)

  4. The Icelert was a very sensible feature for colder parts of the US.
    Does anyone know whether the triple air scoops on the “hood” were really necessary?
    A friend in Aberdeen had an export-spec’ 2000TC with wire wheels, vynil roof, and something else which I can’t remember after 30+ years!

  5. As far as I remember the hood scoops were genuine fitments. I ‘supose that under bonnet temperatures could be high in the hotter states, what with the addition of air con, power steering, etc.
    Why a California car would have the need for an Ice Alert I don’t know! Guess it was standard fitment on all North America, Dollar Area cars.
    Just to confuse matters, I think they were badged “3500S”, even though they were only ever fitted with auto boxes.

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