Auction Watch : Barons, Sandown Park, 28 May

Keith Adams

Jaguar XJ12 Series 1
Jaguar XJ12 Series 1

Barons’ annual Jaguar Heritage sale is always a pleasure for fans of the leaping cat looking for new wheels. For 2012, a strong lot list has already been amassed in the lead-up to the sale, and there’s something for all budgets – assuming you can afford to fuel one of Browns Lane’s multi-cylinder beauties right now.

Now that it appears that Jaguar Mk2s are on the move again after a period in the doldrums, the excellent (and rare) XJ S1 is looking increasingly termpting. This XJ12 (the rarest of the rare) is described by Barons as the oldest running example in the UK, and it should still be able to show a clean pair of heels to far more esoteric machinery, thanks to that lusty and refined V12 under the bonnet.

It as bought by its second owner in 2009, and was recommissioned at a cost of £6000, and since then, has been regularly serviced (and used!). With heritage certificate and pre-’73 build, this seems seems criminally undervalued at its £9500-11,000 estimate.

Also worth a look is a remarkably original 1979 Jaguar XJ-S. It was bought from Mann Egerton in King’s Lynn by George Wilson. The service book records regular servicing until his death in 1982.  The car then became the property of his wife, Ivy Wilson, who used the car rarely until her death in 1995.  Her son, David Rawkins, then took over the car.  He used it very infrequently and kept it in a dry garage.  The tax disc in the windscreen expired in 1999. David sadly died in January this year, and the car is offered for sale on behalf of his widow.

There is no evidence of accident damage (nor any recollection by the family of any accident during the car’s life). The vendors agent states that some attention to the areas of the paintwork, which is showing some superficial rust, would restore the car to immaculate condition. The last main agent service was in November 1982, when the car had recorded 17,589 miles. After that, servicing was performed by the farm workshop and details were not recorded.  At some stage the speedometer must have been replaced, as there is a service recorded in 1996 at 6997 miles, and the current reading is 7466. Estimate is £1500-2500.

Both are most definitely worth a look if you get your kicks via a V12…

1979 Jaguar XJ-S
1979 Jaguar XJ-S
Keith Adams


  1. That S1 XJ12 is gorgeous, I guess its the SWB version if it’s an early model, even better looking than the later SWB which was standardised across the range. The S1s have a lovely purity of design.

  2. The XJ is fabulous and if it does go for around £10K, stunning value next to that rotten Mini that went for £40K!

  3. mmmmm Mk1 XJS – tasty car – and this one reminds me of Simon Templar’s from Return of The Saint – just needs the ST1 numberplate…..

  4. Would love the XJ-S, but the possible repair & maintenace bills could sober me up from a very drunken stupor.

    I also wish my weekend car did more than 4,000km’s per year. If I did more long distance driving, an XJ-S would be lovely!

    I have a couple of stories from Aussie mags of the late 70’s that spring to mind. One was hit by a rubbish truck & was wonderfully written. The other was a high speed run through Queensland when it was first launched…but then it lost all its coolant. A Saab 99 provided the wheels to get home & was highly regarded.

    Hmmm…maybe an early 90’s Saab Aero could suit my taste & budget? Canned beer budget & Dom Perignon tastes are something so many of us have to live with, alas.

  5. I own one identical to the above Ser-1 v12.

    Many years ago I took it down the Sydney by-pass at nearly 150mph (of course, there was no traffic around at the time!).

    It is the only car I ever owned where one could see the fuel gauge dropping (at around that speed anyway!)

    These cars easily out drove many contemporary sports cars, easy to believe when one considers these were the same chassis/floorpan/mechanicals that the later Jag XJS used.

    It was a phenomenal experience to own one when the roads were not so busy and the Police not so keen on raising funds.

    It’s only when one DRIVES these cars does one realise that they are a true thoroughbred that rewards the serious Driver.

    What crazy prices for these quality, gorgeous supercars!

    ps…I will also say that this car has been the most reliable car I have owned…and I have had a few in my sixty years!

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