Calling all Mini owners

Keith Adams

Mini drivers have feelings too...
Mini drivers have feelings too...

A German production company is looking for input from Mini owners across the world for a short film which will be launched to coincide with the car’s 50th birthday next year. Production assistant, Stephanie Guttenberger, told AROnline: ‘I am looking for all kind of Mini enthusiasts, lovers, freaks and interesting characters who would like to take part in the project – the film is mainly going to be based on filmed portraits of Mini drivers from all round the world.’

Stephanie continued: ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re a collector, conservator, tuner, customizer, or just a driver who loves his/her car. The goal is to show that Mini is a one of a kind phenomenon in the car world, both technically and as a lifestyle itself, which cuts through all cultures and languages. The project is commissioned and heavily supported by the BMW Group and will premiere on all the big occasions (corporate and non-corporate) and events scheduled for Mini’s 50th birthday next year.’

Just fill in the questions below if you would like to be involved in the documentary and send them to

Stephanie is particularly looking for Minis in unusual places – we know of more than a few who AROnline readers who match that criterion. She added, ‘We are especially interested in owners from in South Africa and Asia!’

For further information, contact Stephanie directly, on +49 176 23 70 72 25 or via email,

50 years of Mini questionnaire.

We would like to get a little bit better idea of who you are. Here’s a short questionnaire, which should only take a few minutes to complete, so please fill in the answers and send it back to us. Feel free to write as little or much as you want. We would be delighted if you could also attach a photo which shows you with your Mini. If you have any questions, please get directly in contact with Manuel: – Thank you!

Phone (cell):

For how long have you been driving a Mini?:
What model, year, colour? Any Specials?:
How did it all start with you and Mini?
Why Mini?:
What makes Mini so special to you personally?:
Any special Mini skills? (racing, technical, tuning, artistic, historical or other?):
Why is Mini more than just a vehicle?:
What`s your favourite, funniest, craziest, exciting or most emotional, personal Mini moment or memory?:
Why do you think that Mini became such an exceptional icon in the car world?:
What is your opinion about the relaunched MINI?:
Are you member of any Mini club? If yes, which one?:
Any friends driving a Mini somewhere on this planet whom you think we should contact?:
Do you have any Mini events in December, January or February which you would recommend to us or you are going take part in?:

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