Advertorial : How old can my proof of No Claims Discount (NCD) be?


After fuel, car insurance is probably the number one cost of running a vehicle and, given the ever-increasing costs of insuring your car, saving money on cover is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Traditionally, careful drivers have been rewarded with a No Claims Discount (NCD) – a saving on their policy for not making a claim on it – which increases with each year accrued without a claim.  Many drivers find this the only way to keep car insurance costs manageable and keep their vehicle on the road.

But what if you have built up NCD and want to take this with you to another provider?  Each insurance provider has its own policy on this but generally speaking, most companies will accept NCD earned with another provider.  However, there are some things worth considering when it comes to moving your NCD to another insurer.  The following advice applied to most providers, but if you are unsure, speak to your insurance company directly.

  • Your NCD needs to be earned within the United Kingdom using a private vehicle.  If you have been using a company car, then this may preclude you from qualifying for discount on your new policy.
  • Your discount can not be any older than 24 months, which means that if you have stopped driving your own private car in favour of a company car, or you have been driving in another country, then your last private policy needs to have expired no earlier than 2 years ago.
  • Most companies only accept the original renewal notice or a letter from your last insurer confirming your NCD entitlement dated within the last 24 months to carry your discount over to your new insurer.  Some may accept scanned copies.
  • This document should include your name, the Insurer’s Name, Expiry Date, Policy Number and the number of years NCD.
  • This document should be sent to your new provider within 14 days of commencement of your policy to ensure it is processed properly.
  • Most insurers are happy to help when it comes to providing proof of NCD, however, if you are having difficulty, it may be worth contacting the Financial Ombudsman, who can offer impartial advice.

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