News : Geneva 2017 – Eadon Green to join UK specialist ranks

The Eadon Green Black Cuillin made a bit of a splash at Geneva – and not just because this 1930s-inspired Grand Routier packs a 6.0-litre V12, is 5.5-metres long and is clearly inspired by the original Alfa Romeo 8C 2900. It’s a fabulous-looking piece of kit which, on today’s roads, will really stand out.

Founder Felix Eaton explains how his creation came about: ‘It all started with Poirot! Watching an episode, in late 2013, I fell in love with a beautiful 1930s convertible driven by the Captain Hastings character. The car turned out to be an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 and I found that surviving models were worth millions! I couldn’t buy one.’

Inspired by Alfa Romeo

Felix Eaton built his own homage to the 8C. It’s been put together with the help of Coventry-based engineering consultancy Envisage Group, which specialises in automotive coachbuilding. If you’re wondering about why it’s called what it is – it’s not eponymously named because Eaton superchargers got all legal when Felix announced he was going to name the car after himself. As for the Black Cuillin bit – that’s in honour of the Scottish mountain range in the Isle of Skye.

Eadon Green says that ‘the first step towards production is to manufacture a full scale Vision Model that can occupy its space in exactly the same proportion as a showroom production car’ so the car has been made production ready. However, Felix Eaton’s main reason for exhibiting the Black Cuillin in Geneva was simply to show off the car – he said: ‘If someone said to me I have got to have one, I would make one or maybe two but I simply want people to see it. That way, if something happened to me, perhaps someone would look after it.’

Hopefully, though, a few customers will have the opportunity to put Eaton’s claim that the Black Cuillin should be capable of getting from the UK to Spain on one tank to the test…

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All photography, Andrew Elphick

Keith Adams


    • I reckon that Morgan will be laughing their socks off at this pile of rubbish,it owes as much in inspiration to the Alfa-Romeo 8C as the Excalibur owes to the Mercedes SSK. Was their also a job lot of the paint that Chrysler used for the Plymouth Prowler going begging as well?. At best if it does actually make series production it’ll fill the niche for “reproduction cars”vacated by Panther Westwinds over thirty years ago hopefully if there is any justice we’ll hear no more of this ghastly abomination and it will be consigned as Leon Trotsky put it,”the dustbin of history”

      • It’s not as bad as those Beresford? horrors (1930s kit car wannabe) based around a variably clapped out Transit van circa 1995.
        Some bright spark in Colchester had a major brainstorm and turned one into a hearse.. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more ridiculous on wheels (and that includes the pastel pink Harley Davidson motorcycle that’s kicking around)

  1. I like the styling, and even the colour, but I think we should all club together and buy a custom version for Mayor Khan of London..
    I think a 4 speed Moss box from a E type Jaguar & a nice peppy v8 version of the Montego estate Prima diesel should be just perfect – column shift of course. In baby pink.
    Driving this great lummox of a thing around Piccadilly circus for the rest of time would give a whole new meaning to “perditions gate”.

    Oh yes, and crossplys. Worn crossplys.

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