News : Geneva 2017 – Morgan UK 1909 debuts

The Morgan EV3 is due to go on sale later in 2017, and to celebrate its launch at Geneva, the Malvern Link-based company unveiled the UK 1909 edition. It’s so-called because the company was founded in 1909, and 19 are being made, to be sold exclusively through Selfridges.

The original EV3 was shown at the 2016 Geneva Showand is powered by a liquid-cooled 46kW motor and 20kWh lithium battery. The dry weight of the car is less than 500kg and, according to Morgan, it will do 90mph and has an estimated range of 120-150 miles.

What’s the deal with this one?

Marking it out as the UK 1909 edition are the bronze hubcaps, which are meant to signify this car’s link with Selfridges store in London.  You also get miniature versions of Selfridges’ store plaques, which are carried on the outside of the cockpit.

Alongside the UK 1909, Selfridges will offer a range of bespoke driving kit ‘for the contemporary recreational motorsports man and woman’. The equipment, which includes weatherproof overalls from Christopher Raeburn, will all be made in the UK – as befitting of a Morgan owner. At the time of writing, the 19 cars were close to selling out.

All photography, Andrew Elphick

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  1. The headlights and heatsink remind me irresistibly of Reg Prescott, Kenny Everett’s impression of a TV star handyman. Perhaps not what Morgan and Selfridges had in mind.

  2. Yikes, looks like a Samurai Jack droid knocked up a preying mantis after really good Dioxin cocktails.
    Honestly someone must have had some really interesting nightmares (or had mainlined Lancre Blue cheese) and thought the result would improve British roads..
    Oh and what joy – it’s electric – powered by that nice electricity generation from those wonderfully dirty oil & coal stations (82% UK generation is “dirty” as of 2015).

    Don’t you just love green credentials.

    As John Hooper often said “count me out”.

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