Classic Rovers : Give a dog a new home…

Angie Voluti

Rover SD1 project cars and parts up for grabs
Rover SD1 project cars and parts up for grabs

There comes a time in life that we have to take stock and realise that we are not going to finish what we set out to do. These two project Rover SD1s bear testament to their owner’s unrealised ambitions – and now you can benefit by taking on one as a project.

The immaculate SD1 2600 was purchased a few years ago and converted into a V8 Vitesse, with the idea of either racing it (no sunroof!) or turning it into a nice road car. The conversion was complete bar installing the engine and ‘box. The car was then put into a barn and life rolled on.

The second SD1 was a 3500 V8 Vanden Plas EFi Auto in black: lowered, very aggressive, with the plush grey leather interior and Vitesse-looks. The boot floor was welded and under-sealed. Again, a long spell in the barn beckoned but, even now, there is only a little surface scabbing at the bottom of one or two doors.

A range of parts is also up for grabs with the Rovers which include: twin turbos for SU Carb set-up, single turbo – EFi set up, Stainless Steel Series 1 bumpers, spoilers, period body kit and special 14in wheels, lights, interiors of various colours, dash pods, five-speed gearboxes, V8 EFI and Carb engines and axles.

The friendly barn owner has indulged the Rover restorer long enough: the collection must go. Give an old dog a new home and keep a little bit of British V8 growling.

Call +44 (0)7584 306014 for more information.

Keith Adams


  1. I would be quite tempted with a late SD1 – fitted with a Disco engine and ZF gearbox, it would be quite a good car if it worked. SD1s still look good today. Mind you, so do the Sierra and the Montego – some good-looking cars came out of the 1980s.


  2. Yes, the blue SD1 is Moonraker, but it looked a little lighter than my Father’s Vitesse did at the time.

    I used to agree that this was the best colour but, having seen the black one next to it, I am not so sure now! Mind you, the black is much easier to touch up.

  3. Poor things – I hope they go to a good (and competent) home. I’m intrigued as to why the DVLA thinks that the blue one is “silver”, though…

  4. These should be reported to the RSPCA! Left to rot in a barn!

    Seriously, though, someone needs to send these two to Poland and get them fixed – or take out a second mortgage and get it done here!

  5. You know, one of these would make a perfect base car for a hybrid classic…

    It’s been done before and, with all the space the SD1 has got, it wouldn’t be difficult, although expensive.

    I had one of these – with the 2300 engine – and, if I had the money, I might again, but it caught me out with the RWD and once was enough.

    Something to ponder maybe..?

  6. Well spotted – the plate on the blue one is off a silver Vitesse which I broke ages ago.

    I have log books and plates for so many that its hard to remember which goes with what car but whoever has the blue one would have to re-register it as a 3500 and not a 2600. The serial number on the bulkhead will match the log book and plates I have kept and that should not prove to be problematic.

    The two engines I have are both EFI – the black car’s engine is standard but with ST steel headers, the other engine has been rebuilt and has had a mild port job done on the heads and inlet, Cloyes timing chain, mild road/race cam and Rhoads lifters, new shells etc.

  7. I would love to take those cars on – if it were not for my lack of space and time and the necessary mazoomas, I would be all over those Rovers. I’m almost tempted to say we should all have a whip round and send them off to Poland for a restoration job.

    Somebody, anybody… come on, save a Rover so it isn’t over!

  8. yes please i have a running Vitesse V8 and i would love to replace many of the parts e.g wing mirrors , bumpers etc where they have had a scrape are these cars still available for parts? I Could store them all and keep my V8 Running!!!!


  9. Hi, my name is Owen and I am 15 years old, I would be happy to take one of these on as the rover SD1 is my favourite car. I have plenty of room and time to do it as I am now a college student and only work 3 times a week. The only downside is how much the car costs because I am only 15 and still semi rely on the bank of mum and dad. I have tonnes of mechanical experience as I am constantly learning how to fix cars. please send me the price for these cars so I can try to beg my parents, thanks.

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