News : Jaguar Land Rover posts record April


Jaguar Land Rover reported its best ever April retail sales of 41,341 vehicles, up 11 per cent on April 2015. This is the company’s fourth consecutive record-breaking month. The company sold 200,154 vehicles in the first four months of 2016, 24 per cent up on the same period in the prior year.

Retail sales for the month of April were up year-on-year across all regions: 25 per cent in the UK, 11 per cent in China, 10 per cent in Europe and 2 per cent in North America.  Other Overseas markets were up 5 per cent year-on-year.  Marking its best April yet, Land Rover retailed 33,348 vehicles in the month, up 4 per cent year-on-year. Best-sellers for the month were the Discovery Sport, retailing 9422 vehicles and the Range Rover Evoque, retailing 8293 vehicles in the month. Calendar year-to-date sales for Land Rover reached 162,307 vehicles, 19 per cent up on the prior year.

Jaguar recorded its best April in over a decade, delivering 7993 vehicles, up 49 per cent on the previous year, due to continued solid sales of the XE. This month, Jaguar sales excelled in Europe and in the UK, up 190 per cent and 108 per cent respectively. Calendar year-to-date sales for Jaguar were 37,847, up 53 per cent year-on-year.

The Jaguar F-Pace has seen impressive results this month, with more than 1500 vehicles sold. The new car is now the fastest-selling Jaguar ever. Commenting on the performance, Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, said: ‘Sales of the Jaguar XE remain solid across many of our key markets and we look forward to its start of sales in America next month. Furthermore, response to the new Jaguar F-Pace in its first full month of sales has been extremely positive. We are also seeing the progressive impact of the all-new Discovery Sport, with approaching 44,000 cars sold in the first four months of this year.’

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  1. Jaguar Land ROver had a massive UK in April,

    Jaguar Up 108.95%
    Jaguar YTD up 81.63%

    Land Rover Up 16.81%
    Land Rover YTD up 17.00%

    Combined Up 32.64%
    Combined YTD up 29.23%

    Looks like the XE and F-Pace are now taking hold, sales will be significantly higher for the rest of the year, and about time too.

  2. I am pleased that JLR is doing well, but the F-Pace a ” family sports car” ? Spare me this rubbish, please.

  3. This is all good news. The models in both marques are all highly desireable in the UK and world markets. The F Pace will be the next car to have. Shame they have discontinued the XF Estate though.

  4. Glad the XE is a sales success.

    Built in Solihul. West-Midlands designed and built engine. Aluminium structure.

    Apart from the badge – It is a ROVER 🙂

    • Rubbish

      It was designed in Coventry, its only screwed together in a shadow factory by those Brummies up in Solihull, so its a Jag, or as it was at the old AWA which became the design centre for Chrysler UK in 1969 at Whitley it could be said to be a Chrysler or Talbot.

  5. 1) the XF estate will be back.

    2) the XE is not a Rover, at all, just because it is UK designed and built, it does not make it a Rover, if you follow that argument, then the cashcow, Civic and so on are all Rovers

  6. Shouldn’t Jaguar be doing better. I know it’s simplistic but if you multiply 9000 by 12, Jaguar are only shifting about 108,000 cars a year. I suspect that the F pace is only just ratcheting thing up but even so I still feel a bit nervous about Jags numbers

  7. The F Pace certainly seems to be doing the business, seeing far more of these now than XE’s at the same stage last year. Mind you on seeing a newish Jag saloon approach it needs careful analysis to understand if its an XE, a new XF or an old XF. Perhaps its just because the F Pace does have a style of its own that it stands out.

  8. Jaguar have struggled with the numbers since the demise of the X-type. Don’t forget this ceased production in 2009, with no replacement until last year with the XE, six years with no small saloon on sale. XFs sell well, but the other cars (XJ, and F-type) will never sell in huge numbers, even if profitable.
    I think the one to watch is the F-Pace. I suspect Jaguar will struggle to meet demand for this car. The whole world seems to now want SUVs, me excepted !

  9. Not where you are seeing all these F-Paces. First customer deliveries of series production models are scheduled for June. The only ones to have escaped the factory so far are 300 or so bright blue First Edition models, and factory and dealer demonstrators ( typically 2 per dealer ).

  10. Hello from the USA,
    I contributed to the April numbers as I took delivery of a new Range Rover Sport. I am proud to support British auto industry and jobs.

  11. Happy to hear cat has done a huge leap in the sales; but what about the future? I mean there will be any chance to consider Jaguar an 100% “british” marque if they keep on this way, beating the competitors but leaving own speciality field (=grace, pace + space) to virtually no one? Shouldn’t Jaguar start offering proper Jags coupled to a level of tech and reliability unknown before?

    • Unfortunately Jaguar are on a major cost cutting exercise at the moment, and that means less derivatives, there was going to be at least four XE models, the Saloon, Sportbrake, Coupe and convertible, the last three are now all canned, and yet they go on about wanting to compete with the competition.

      The three brands they directly compete with, BMW, Audi and Merc all have derivatives off there compact executive, but not Jaguar, they have spent the big money, on platform, engine and gearbox as well as interior, so the exterior of a SB, Coupe and convertible would be relatively cheap in comparison.

      Yet they have agreed a replacement for the XF SB, which was never on the cards for XF 2, so, like the XF1 there will be a long wait before it arrives, making jaguar look silly again – and yet the Range ROver convertible gets build, which will be very niche model, against an XEC, surely a coupe version of the XE would be a bigger money spinner, especially in R trim, a real competitor to the 4-Series/Merc C-Coupe.

      I understand that they need to draw in the purse strings, especially after eight years of “spend what you like”, and the profits that this has gained can not be ignored, so why now, when they have a car that should be competing in numerous segments, are they limiting the variants, even the X-Type had an Estate, which was a very big load lugger, and you still see a vast amount of them on the roads, regardless of what the naysayers would have you believe.

      They have only just agreed to replace the XJ, considering it was going to be canned after nearly 50 years, there seems to be a lot of confusion at JLR Hall lately, having a large gap between old and new Defender, the pricing on Discovery sport against Freelander 2, is a massive increase, and fortunately, it has worked for them on this model, when it could’ve easily have bombed, we are still waiting for Discovery 5, when the current car is so very long in the tooth.

      Have they hit a brick wall, probably not, but when you consider what the first 7 years of Tata ownership gave us, year eight has been a total 180° turnaround, however, i am really looking forward to the new i-Type and i-Pace, the Hybrid family, and the ultra Range Rover with a price around £150k, that will still be the best 4x4xfar, i also hope that this is just a “take stock – have a breather” before the next tranche of models comes on stream, but just looking at today’s activity and there is a hold off, and models have been cancelled, and thats a real shame, the XE should have become a full range of models, including a small SUV, but never mind, i look forward to whatever they do and equally look forward to getting the odd email with spy shots and hints at the future……

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