News : Land Rover success feeds recruitment

Jaguar Land Rover is creating another 1000 new jobs at its Halewood Operations manufacturing facility, near Liverpool in the UK. The new positions, which will support the on-going significant demand for the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Freelander 2, take the workforce at Halewood to almost 4500 – treble the number employed there just three years ago.

Jaguar Land Rover HR Director, Des Thurlby, commented: ‘These 1000 new jobs are further evidence of JLR’s clear ambition for continued growth. We are moving Halewood to three shifts and 24-hour operation to meet increased global demand for our products.

‘JLR’s supply chain is also set to benefit, with thousands more jobs expected to be created,” he added. “Our commitment to expand the Halewood workforce and increase production is great news for JLR, for Merseyside and for the wider UK economy.’

The new jobs recruited at Halewood will include production operators, supervisors and engineers. Reinforcing JLR’s commitment to expanding its skills base, all new employees joining the production line will receive training towards an Intermediate (Level 2) Apprenticeship.

Those interested in the new positions at Halewood Operations should visit for further information.

Keith Adams


  1. and to think not that long ago JLR were saying they’d have to shut a plant too! This coupled with the new engine plant in Wolverhampton is excellent news for JLR.

  2. Thats great ,lets hope they make enough money to get a new Defender into production swiftly , and not that DC100 thing that looks more Freelander than Defender .

  3. @9

    I’m sorry to relay that the new Defender (according to Tata), is planned to be largely built in India, which makes a lot of sense, but it’ll be the end of an era.

  4. Just want to add my congrats to JLR on this development. It seems I’m in a minority as I personally think to Evoque looks dreadful, but I’m truly glad it is adding fuel to the fire that is JLR at present. A fire which I hope inflames a whole lot more British Engineering and manufacturing.

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