News : Electric MG Dynamo unveiled

MG Dynamo

The MG Dynamo concept has been unveiled, showing the company’s latest electric technology. The car, conceived as a rival to the Renault Zoe and Volkswagen E-up!, is a development of the Roewe E1, which went on sale in China as the E50 (below) at the beginning of 2013. MG says that, if the Dynamo is well received here, it will be evaluated for production. 

The Dynamo is 3569mm long, weighs 1080k and puts out 71bhp and 115lb ft, which MG claims will see the Dynamo get from 0-31mph in 5.3 seconds, while its range is a mere 50 miles on a single charge. Charging the Dynamo takes up to six hours from a standard power source but an 80 per cent charge can be achieved from a rapid charging point.

Roewe E50

Keith Adams


  1. Not a fan of pure electric cars at all, the Zoe looks a nice car but I don’t like the idea of this car being disabled remotely if you don’t meet a battery rental payment.

    If it was an hybrid what a good challenger to the Aygo class it would be.
    will tell you why these cars are not the future.

  2. I was reading an auto express article on this car and it said that MG wanted to shake of its classic car image which I think is a shame because nostalgia is probably the only thing keeping them going if you know what I mean take it like this do you think MG could have got three figure sales last month say if they weren’t called MG motors UK and they were called shanghai automotive think about that in the end these days it all comes down to your brand image

  3. Francis @ 2

    Not a big fan either – to me the (pure) electric car is simply shifting the source of pollution and nowhere near as practical, versatile, convenient as a petrol.

    Good to see MG moving with the times though, entering new market segments. It’s all growth!

  4. It certainly is no looker. Makes the Smart fortwo look positively desirable in comparison.

    Come on MG, get serious. The technology and will might be there, but clearly the same designers who gave us the inspiring MG Zero concept were clearly away on holiday…

  5. Quite like it in profile and the changes to the front valence on the MG version have made a big difference.

  6. If it was released yesterday afternoon, then it might have gotten people talking about an innovative, game-changing MG company. But when (if) we finally get it- probably complete with obsolete 4-cylinder petrol power too- in about 2018 or so, no one will give a flying fig… Shame, it looks like a cool little city car.

  7. @10, Will you have the same sentiments with Fords forthcoming Hybrids which use last generation hybrid technology bought in from Toyota?

  8. @11

    Officially called a shared technology exchange, hardware is similar but definitely not bought in. Ford is not buying the drive train from Toyota.

    Ford and Toyota ended their joint agreement on hybrids in 2013.

    Ford has been doing very well in the US with hybrids, Toyota still has the sales lead with Prius but Ford is doing better in US mid size vehicles. Ford actually has a bigger range.

  9. @Dave Dawson [4] I keep hearing that making electricity is also poluting. It’s true ofcourse but I hope you are aware that petrol doesn’t come out of the ground “as is” also, making petrol from crude oil is far more poluting than making electricity from coal, even without including the transport of it all… (ever seen the smoke above a refinery?) And when we use petrol to power cars it’s going on top of that polution… Keep that in mind next time you think about electric cars 😉

    About the car I think it’s a great looking one 😉

  10. Another poorly developed electric ‘concept’…with a 50 mile range…

    OK, so this miserable excuse for a practical everyday motor might, possibly, make for a reasonable cross-town commute for someone in a smaller city (and allow for no ‘extra curricular’ trips to the beach, or to collect the in-laws from an out-of-town airport), if no return trips are required…

    Bearing in mind that battery powered cars perform less well in cold weather, this car could only offer any appeal if there was no public transport alternative- the very thing, surely, that this ought-to-have-been-aborted ugly foetus of a car should have been clubbed to death with the zeal which Canadians despatch vastly more appealing seal cubs.

  11. Damn, I wish this site offered the option of post-editing comments in order to refine grammatical, spelling, or other unfortunate phrasing errors.

    Especially after a few pints…

  12. MG Dynamo? Really? Probably made by Lucas in 1955, and everything goes dim when the wipers are turned on. I guess it could have been worse: it could have been the MG Alternator or the MG Magneto.

    Actually, I quite like MG Magneto. At least it sounds a bit like Magnette.

  13. oh great – another washing machine on wheels. But anyway, I see its got an E on the bonnet, I have to say that an MG-E sort of has a nice ring about it. not like XK-E but oh well it might do I suppose… but I guess if they stick with the Dynamo name it could either be called a washing machine or be mistaken for one. – not keen on the styling though – it certainly looks like a (Samsung) washing machine. Alex

  14. Exactly the kind of car SAIC need to be selling in Europe if they’re to remain relevant ten years from now. Of course, having a concept and putting one in the showrooms are two very different things.

  15. About time too, MG needs to move forward, it is ok to look back, but no other company does, otherwise who would touch any German produced cars, let alone all the Nazi supplied Mercedes cars.

    Mg is doing a better job of late in getting new cars on the road, and with the CS SUV and this little runabout, it will help things more.

    It is all well and good complaining about the good old days, but the good old days were not good, if they were were is Austin, Morris, VDP, Princess, Riley, Wooooosley (sorry in joke) Rover and more, yes it is good to remember, but for a company to survive, it has to move with the times, MGR did not, thats why it is not here.

  16. Those whom rue the good old days and knock Chinese made MG’s are the one that bought anything but a Rover or MG.

  17. @25, Have you? you keep asking me this and I have stated I do not buy new cars.

    Boring Jodrell banker.

  18. First time I’ve seen an “MG” look better than a Roewe. …..No Mention of where it was designed and Engineered. I assume it wont be manufactured here. Although I see they have put the token naff octagonal MOD roundel on the side to make it look so. Putting all that to one side it doesn’t look too bad albeit a small car that looks like many others and has a battery life that takes you in a 50 mile round trip…….

  19. Oh look mummy – A Daewoo Matiz that had a sex change on the NHS!

    It looks awful, the concept is awful, and the notion of any continuous history as regards Kimbers original Morris Garages and the people who spawned this monstrosity is laughable. I’d be able to keep more of a straight face if I saw Anne Widdecombe doing a shoot for Penthouse..
    As to the Mercedes and the Nazi connection – I wouldnt look to closely at a certain Rolls-Royce if I were you. If I recall correctly the first prototype of the Stuka rolled out with a RR Kestrel engine (in the most butt ugly configuration seen in aviation to that point) and another was used for the prop powered flight envelope test prototype of the 262 jet fighter.
    I have said it before and I will say it again. All electric/hybrid cars do is either introduce needless complexity to account for idiotic design decisions, move the pollution one up, or both. There are better and simpler ways to get increased power density. The Stratified Charge two stroke engine with tuned pipe & positive pressure supercharger is one that on its own gives anything up to 45% more power per swept cc than 4 strokes – and thats before turbocharging. Electric vehicles are a waste of time and energy and a technological dead end, not to mention potential causes of assaults, murders and downright stupid court cases (oooh – someone stole 20p worth of electricity – cue 6 months of publicly funded prosecution).

  20. I was reading an auto express article on this car and it said that MG wanted to shake of its classic car image which I think is a shame because nostalgia is probably the only thing keeping them going if you know what I mean take it like this do you think MG could have got three figure sales last month say if they weren’t called MG motors UK and they were called shanghai automotive think about that in the end these days it all comes down to your brand image

  21. The rear window slope reminds me of the Invacar.

    Come to think of it, the rest of this junk reminds me of the Invacar, too.

  22. The hybrids are a far better bet than full electric, after next year you will never see a Diesel passenger car from Toyota again they will be replaced with petrol Hybrids.

    Its time to drop the nostalgic leanings regarding MG as its been the ire of MG lovers since the Metro, modern cars is where its at and even if we got a roadster it would be condemned for not being British enough or not made here.

    Funnily enough, Toyota did loads with experimental two stroke and Ralph Sarichs orbital engine had interest but the question mark was always emissions.

  23. Oh dear, the hate mob are out in force. – I think this Dynamo concept is exactly what MG need to be doing to appease those that say things like ‘theyre not up to standard’,’theyre miles behind the competition’ etc etc, only, I have a feeling that they are the same people that are now saying ‘its not a real MG’, ‘the concept is awful’ and so on.

  24. @31 Magnus. A little harsh… but brought a laugh….see were you are coming from. I thought it looked more like the Bond Bug but knowhere near as original. At least that car had honesty.

  25. Not good enough really is it? a range of only 50 miles does not provide a viable alternative.

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