MG Motor UK : Guy Jones goes Live and Online on Facebook next Monday

Clive Goldthorp

MG Motor UK Limited’s Keith Harris has today confirmed that Sales and Marketing Director, Guy Jones, will host the company’s first Live and Online Facebook session at 2.30pm next Monday, the 20th December, 2010.

Any AROnline readers wishing to put a question to Guy Jones can do so by visiting MG Motor UK’s Facebook page , clicking on the “Like” button and then adding their questions to the existing thread – if you do not already have a Facebook account, you only need an email address in order to sign up for one.

Your questions should focus on the MG6’s forthcoming launch, the MG brand and the latest sales and marketing initiatives as the company intends to hold further MG Motor Live and Online sessions on Facebook with other Senior Managers who will cover different topics in the future.

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Anyone spot a problem with this? 2.30pm on a Monday? Work time. Only IT slackers, the unemployed and media darlings have easy and justifiable access to Facebook in the middle of the working day. MG Motor UK, it seems, is trying very hard, but, er, missing the mark…

  2. A slightly off topic question, but is he the chap who was the public face of LDV right through until its final gasp? I seem to remember it being a Guy somebody.

  3. @Keith Adams
    No, I don’t – if you check MG’s Facebook page you will see that they are asking for the questions to be submitted in advance. However, it would have been better if they had said you can ask questions of Guy Jones and he will have the answers by 2.30pm on Monday though rather than gone with the Live and Online gimmick.

    Yes, I remember him being on TV quite a lot in the last few weeks of LDV.

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