News : MG6, now with lower tax and emissions

Lacklustre sales as with the MG6 diesel must improve by market penetration and public awareness - MG3 must address this.

MG has improved its MG6 GT and Magnette diesel range by cutting CO2 levels to 129g/km. The improvements mean both MGs are an attractive proposition for fleet managers, with tax group D status and a BIK rate of 20 per cent.

MG has also improved fuel consumption to 57.6mpg and improved overall refinement. The changes are applicable to all DTi-Tech diesel engines, although performance is unchanged, with 148bhp and a 0-60mph time of 8.9 seconds.

All DTi-Tech diesel engines are combined with stop-start technology and the lower emission rate means it will now cost £105 to tax a MG6 GT or Magnette for 12 months and £57.75 for six months.

All diesel MG6s get upgraded trim, with entry S models receiving £1200 of extras, including satellite navigation, rear parking sensors and cruise control. SE models get upped to TSE spec, with front parking sensors, 18-inch alloy wheels, rear parking camera, leather trim and Bluetooth.

MG6 Magnette TSE 1.9D Turbo (1)

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  1. No matter what articles are posted, someone somewhere is going to knock it,mainly because its Chinese.

    Oh and advertising.

  2. Hopefully with this upgraded model they can triple their sales of the MG6. That means 3 cars sold by the end of the year. Wow.

  3. Steady progress in the right direction and I thought Steve Cropley gave a reasonably balanced review of the long term test car Autocar are currently running. 1000 miles so far, so very early days.

    The petrol powered MG6 for sale at Motorpoint are great value at £9000. I have even mulled over buying one of those.

  4. @4, It is wasn’t true then, no. I drive past the MG UK plant at Longbridge twice a day, 4-5 days a week, and in the past month I could count the number of MG6s I’ve seen with one hand. And this is in the vicinity of the factory! I don’t even see them on the M42 anymore. MGR really need to market this car – it’s good, and it’s slowly getting better – but until monthly sales reach double figures, at least, you’re going to get ‘negative’ comments on here. It’s because we care, Francis!

  5. 129g is also equal to a 2.2TD Jaguar XF automatic estate. The class average for a car of this size (or slightly larger, in the case of the Insignia or Mondeo) is somewhere around 109 to 120g.

  6. As far as the 6 is concerned this is to little far to late,
    Until MG realise they need to advertise at least on a par with Dacia they will continue to be an irrelevance in the UK

  7. Is the 129g MG6 in good company as the 180BHP BMW 4pot wanker then? I dont have a hampton the size of Ron Jeremys but give me a pony a film and id run him a close second.

    Strictly speaking this car is loaded up with kit and cheap, would the 520d have as much gear as standard,which given that this is a car in a completely different segment you may as well throw a Mercedes Citaro single deckers Co2 figures in as well.

  8. Graham @ 13 is right, Dacia, a name little known here, have advertised their products aggressively and have started to become a familiar sight. MG, a name with 90 years of history, might as well be invisible, almost no advertising , a tiny dealer network and products that could sell reasonably well but have been hamstrung by terrible advertising.

  9. Yeah, I can see that if this were publicised at some fleet-buyers’ schmoozing events as some sort of minor re-launch, it certainly won’t do the marque any harm.I certainly won’t be buying any NEW car in the near future but I want this to succeed, so I hope some fleet guys do get hold of it so they can start working thier way down the chain in my direction!

  10. A nice looking car, though not fond of those frontal parking sensors that make it look like it has acne.

    Much nicer than the plethora of SUVs that everyone is knocking out.

    Though they need dealers!!!

    Given the SAIC-GM venture in China, why doesn’t SAIC leverage this a bit more?
    Why don’t they do a ‘Dacia – Renault dealer’ trick and sell alongside Chevrolets or Vauxhalls?

  11. MG had passion and I like many others were intrigued and interested now I feel nothing……no passion no soul. An opportunity missed to revive a fabulous mark…. Thanks SAIC

  12. At least they are upspeccing rather than cutting prices and ruining the market which is what MGR used to do. I think there are other improvements, eg electronic handbrake and better interior trim, announced in China which may or may not have reached UK market models by now. Again, they seem to be reacting to market concerns, albeit a bit slowly.

    BTW, if you want a used one, Motorpoint have currently got 52 – last time I looked they had over 60 so somebody has spotted a bargain…

  13. @9 ktimo, yes, I saw that MG6 taxi in “Doc Martin” – a case of product placement?

    By the way I really dont think No.23 Graham Wall should be calling other interested contributors “Morons”. It lowers the tone and value of the site.

  14. Good news. Maybe it isnt much, but it is positive.

    Sales/registrations this month were 104 as well!

  15. I wouldn’t know where to start with some of the comments on this, so I won’t bother. I have noticed a new troll, though

  16. And in the end,
    The love you take is equal to,
    The love you make………….

    Goodbye old son, you looked quite promising for a while.

  17. The marketing of MG is really weak, I was at first midly impressed to see that they had put an MG3 on display in the departure lounge at Birmingham airport on Monday.

    Good move yes, but then you give the job of meeting and greeting the customers to a short chubby chap, badly dressed and a complete lack of charisma. This would have mattered less if he had had some understanding and appreciation of the product, and some basic information that might just be needed in an airport, such as the European launch dates.

    Finally at 4pm just as the airport started to fill up with business passengers taking the evening flights, he closes up shop and goes home.

    It appears the BMC and Leyland marketing culture of incompetence is still alive and well at Longbridge.

  18. “No matter what articles are posted, someone somewhere is going to knock it,mainly because its Chinese.

    Oh and advertising.”

    Which is not an unreasonable point, if my primary concern is supporting British Jobs and industry. I would be far better off buying a Qashqai or Civic. They may have a japanese badge, but they have far more local content than the MG.

  19. @ 25 lol, nice. Also @ 18, same here. The rear lights look old fashioned somehow in an old Almera sort of way but not quite. Can anyone help me out on this?

  20. It’s a step in the right direction but I suspect it is too little to boost sales in the BIK and image obsessed world of company cars.

    Both the Insignia and Octavia now dip below 100g/km in their most efficient forms putting them 5 tax bands below the 6 meaning tax is lower even accounting for the 6s lower list price.

  21. Never mind lowering the emissions on a car they can’t sell, why don’t MG look at fitting the 1300cc NSE engine to the MG3 to lower emissions on that and provide a sub £8000 budget model as well as producing a turbo MG3 to add some performance to it.

  22. To me, a great buy, a really interesting choice.

    Still can’t quite understand the lack of advertising though. I don’t really think the odd glimpse in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Doc Martin will have viewers going “What’s that? I like it! I’ll have to find out what it is, where I can buy one.” Why are they allowing it to massively miss its sales potential?

    I’m not a big TV watcher by the way – my 13 year old daughter made the sightings!!!!

    As a foot note – saw another on the road yesterday – flashed my lights and gave the driver a big thumbs up!!

  23. Spotted another 6 today. That’s two in just over a fortnight – are my sightings becoming more frequent?
    Looked impressive.

  24. @43, I have a garaged G reg 320i and its a superb car,one of the last BMW’s i really like. Although all BMW’s a brilliant dynamically i just cant connect with them at all, they are just product now,years ago 3,5 or 7 series were exclusive special cars that felt substantial,technical and over engineered. They dont carry that cache anymore, dealers,dickheads,footballers and brighthouse wallors have spoilled the image for me and the aforementioned have cast that shadow over the respectable owners.

    They are a mainstream car now,even taxis.

  25. Hi all, am a newbie, luv my motors, always liked the underdogs, Skoda, Kia now Dacia just like to follow the history and their rise in status over the years. Currently have a Kia Soul Crdi 2 2009 Cocktail Orange which I love because of the higher driving position as have major back problems, really helps. Will have to get an auto one day tho. Right that’s enough of me. I like what MG is trying to do, but as you all say poor PR and advertising not helping, lack of engine choice, auto box, 5 speed boxes, old engines poor emissions all need addressing soonest. I really like the look of the MG 6 and MG 3. The prices at motor point are superb for top of range MG6 TSE petrol no miles, am eager to sit in one and check it out just don’t fancy paying £200 road tax. A bargain at that price and nearer to what the prices should have been when launched. Obviously economy needs addressing too alongside emissions to compete today. But they are coming but just hope they keep the pricing right as they have for the MG3. NITE ALL

  26. I love My Magnette! Had it a month from zero miles on the clock to 1100 miles and I still love it. It has every extra you can think of and handles superbly! It’s very refined too with little noise. All the doors clunk as well! In a word, beautiful! A mega bargain from Motorpoint!

    and only one TSE left! Grab a bargain!

    They also have a few SEs left almost £2K cheaper!!!

  27. PPS The only similarity the Magnette rear lights have with that old Primera, is that they continue across and into the boot line as do many cars today including Lexus, BMW and many many others! That old Primera bears no resemblance whatsoever with the MG6. Certainly I cannot see it! Most people so far that have commented on my car (and there have been many) reckon it’s a BMW from the side, or Lexus from the rear. One guy yesterday came out of his shop, squinted his eyes at the car and mentioned Maserati! So far no-one has even mentioned old Primera! And it never crossed my mind either until I read the above posts again. Also, no-one has yet said the car looks bland or unattractive. Check out my car and make up your own mind, but it looks even better in the flesh!

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