News : MG6 BTCC Edition goes on sale

MG6 BTCC Edition
MG6 BTCC Edition

MG Motor UK is spicing-up the appeal of its slow-selling ‘6 with the arrival of the new BTCC Edition in the run-up of its diesel powered mid-range saloon and hatchback, scheduled to hit the dealers in March. The BTCC goes on sale for £16,995.

The car, which gets a sharper look to celebrate the marque’s return to motor sport, receives a matt black roof and 18in alloy wheels with black gloss sills, door mirror covers, lower front air dam, rear bumper and rear spoiler. It’s available in two colours – Arctic White and Union Blue.

The grille sports a BTCC badge and there are MG KX Momentum Racing team colours decals on the bonnet extension, front doors and wings behind the new chrome wing vent. The special edition receives the 1.8-litre turbo TCI-Tech developing 158bhp. Performance figures are 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds and a Maximum speed limited to 120mph.

Standard equipment includes built-in full colour European satellite navigation (including a lifetime subscription to Trafficmaster), sports driver and front passenger seats, Dunlop Sport 225/45R 18-inch performance tyres, electronic hill hold function, power folding electrically heated exterior mirrors, iTPMS tyre monitoring system, rear parking sensors, front fog lights, cruise control, CD audio with USB and auxiliary inputs for MP3/iPod connectivity and a leather covered multifunction steering wheel.

Customers who purchase the MG6 BTCC Edition before 31 December will also receive a pair of VIP hospitality tickets to a 2013 race with a full hospitality package, including a grid walk and pit lane experience, and an MG KX Momentum team jacket and hat.

MG6 BTCC Edition
MG6 BTCC Edition
Keith Adams


  1. At least someone in the marketing department has their head screwed on. Only thing missing is an ‘official’ remap and boost upgrade (done at the dealer of course so as not to impinge even more on the utterly irrelevant to the environment but now oh-so-important for revenue purposes CO2 figures)…..

  2. A real shame that the BTCC Edition for the UK market has not taken a leaf out of the book of the Chinese version, in terms of colour and trim ‘enhancements’.

  3. @3 I don’t know if this will be a dealer fit cosmetic update, or if they are being built this way. If they are being built to this spec, the delay could purely tie in with the time it takes to ship the cars from China?

  4. In whitethis car looks well,in fact,it looks good in quite a few colours,i dont think timing is the issue with this car,its getting it on the map that counts.

  5. Marketing is not in MG’s vocabulary. And with 500 used 6’s about to go onto forecourts, who in their right mind will spend nearly twice as much on a new un?

  6. Well I like it. How about at least some advertising? A campaign emphasising the BTCC could be a great way to introduce most of the population to the MG6.

  7. isnt amazing what a bit of detail can do! Is that a sligthly better side skirt too maybe, perhaps its just the black but it looks less like a prius and more like a sports car now! alex

  8. BREAKING NEWS. MG have announced this exciting result of the next step of their MG6 model development programme and marketing strategy: Some coloured stripes, different paint and some shit from Halfords.

    Brilliant, that’s one in the eye for every other manufacturer….

  9. I wonder if they’ve managed to pull out the public hair which was trapped behind the decal on the Limited Edition example on display in the Longbridge showroom?

  10. I have said elesewhere, it is a latter day Allegro Equipe. The slightly worrying thing is that I quite liked the Allegro Equipe…

  11. Honestly, this is getting beyond a joke. How did a sodding pubic hair manage to find it’s way out in the open at the factory in the first place?
    Will the workers be given razors in their Christmas hampers now?

  12. I don’t mind the stickers but I hate the black they added to it. The body enhancements should have been:

    Lowered stiffened suspension by about 25mm.
    Special edition dark metal alloy wheels.
    Body coloured side vents.
    Body coloured foglamp surrounds (chunky plastic bits).
    BTCC Stickers.
    Special edition exhaust finisher.
    And possible even chroming up the front meshes.

    Simple, low(er) cost, enhancements.

  13. Quite simply far too little far too late to save thr MG6.

    If the are serious about taking a share of the UK market they should look to bring the MG3 in at a more aggressive price to get the volume to support a dealer network.

  14. Doesn’t it remind you of one of those dealer special editions from the 1980’s? All it needs it a pop out aftermarket sunroof and a cheap set of plastic wheeltrims and it would have been perfect! 😉

  15. @29 You’re totally correct.. I’m just glad they don’t offer a shitty vinyl roof…..

    Should have been all white in colour

  16. I really don’t know what to make of this incarnation of MG in general. I think they should of invested in 1 or 2 models such as that Icon concept and gone for a slightly premium market: Mini, Fiat 500 etc. but priced acordingly. Maybe then you could start to introduce more of a range when they had established themselves in the UK.

  17. Graham @ 28

    “Quite simply far too little far too late to save thr MG6.”

    The MG6 does not need saving. For the vast majority of the population it has not been allowed to succeed or fail. The 6 needs launching, not saving!!

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