News : MG Motor UK says MG3 and MG6 90th Anniversary models are “selling like hot cakes”

MG 3 and 6 90th Anniversary Limited Editions

MG Motor UK has today said that the MG3 and MG6 90th Anniversary Limited Edition models “are selling like hot cakes, with most of the 90 vehicles already sold out.” The company has confirmed that, if all 90 vehicles are sold within 90 days, one lucky customer will go on to win an MG3.

The MG 90th Anniversary Limited Editions were launched at the MG90 event at Silverstone in June this year, when the Midlands-based manufacturer celebrated 90 years of the iconic marque. Over 15,000 enthusiasts attended the event which featured the CS and EV Concept vehicles and a collection of current production and historic MGs.

The MG3 90th Anniversary Limited Edition is based on the top-of-the range 3STYLE spec, which features rear parking sensors, cruise control, DAB digital radio and easy electric air conditioning as standard,  and adds unique 16” Blue Diamond wheels, 90th Anniversary embroidered headrests, unique MG logo roof decal, ‘Pinstripe” cant rail graphic and gloss black and red interior details. The MG3 90th LE is available in White on the Tiles, Smokey Blues and Silver Fox colour options.

The MG6 90th Anniversary LE is based on the-top-of the range TSE spec, which features sports seats, rear parking sensors, cruise control and full colour sat nav with a lifetime subscription to Trafficmaster as standard. The MG6 9oth Limited Edition adds unique 18” Matte Black Wheels, 90th Anniversary embroidered headrests, gloss black roof, red pinstripe body detail, chrome side vent and  gloss black interior details.  The MG6 90th LE is available in Granite Grey Metallic and Platinum Silver.

Clive Goldthorp


  1. As much as this is good news, selling one car a day for 90 days is nothing to be proud of, they should be selling dozens every day, if not more.

    Come on MG, please advertise your products on TV channels people watch, DAVE or ITV4 are not really, the places for car sales, these channels are known as the poor peoples channels for a reason, hence the dross they show.

    I am happy sales are in the low hundreds each month, but they should be capitalising on it now, by pushing like mad in readiness for the two or three new cars coming.

  2. Great, another 90 cars imported from China. At least they are only “celebrating” drop in the ocean sales figures

  3. OMG- 90 cars in 90 days- I used to regularly sell that number myself when I was in the trade- and no-one offered me the chance to win a car for doing it!

  4. Are any recent sales figures available for the whole range? I still haven’t seen an MG3 on the road anywhere.

  5. Saw one around Guisborough a few months back. There’s an Mg6 nearby as well… Both looked decent motors.

  6. Er !!!.. 90 Cars….. 50 Dealers…. 2 Months since “Launch” at the MG 90th Silverstone…. Equates to less than 1 car / Dealer / Month.

    Hardly worth turning the oven on for the cakes is it??

  7. Since the ‘newly’ badged MG car company starting selling the two current vehicle range, I have only seen two MG6’s, one was at a car show. I travel around 350 miles a week and around many of the major roads in the South East on a fairly regular basis so I’m not sure where all these cars are lurking. I’m always drawn to a new design of car so it’s not because I’m not looking out for them to see what manufacturer they come from (Dacia seem to be getting about a bit). But considering we had a huge network of BMC/BL/Rover dealers in this corner of the UK, the new version of MG for me, has totally disappeared. I’ve seen more original MG Magnette ZA’s/ZB’s on the road than currently badged cars in the last 4 years! (I’ve actually seen three times as many Vauxhall Amperas, so that makes me think).

    I suspect the marketing hype ‘selling like hot cakes’ actually hides fairly small sales of new vehicles with an MG octagon in the UK, I guess the next SMMT figures will show the true figure, but maybe they are all hidden on an airfield somewhere or the back-lot of an independent trader having been preregistered as demonstrators and then sold out through the trade. I’m just not seeing them on the roads or the public domain (other than here) I’m afraid.

  8. How Many Left says 592 3’s taxed in Q1 2014. I’ve still not seen one in the flesh either though.

    It’s a shame the owners don’t have the Austin/Morris brand to use for the small and medium sized cars, saving MG for a two-seater sporty flagship. I could understand Rover using MG for the tarted up versions of their hatches and saloons, but using it for a fleet bog standard Kia/Hyundai-esque cars is odd.

    • If you mean do SAIC, owners of the MG brand, have the Austin/Morris brands available to use, they actually do own them. SAIC acquired many of the dormant brands from the former British Leyland era when they bought the remaining assets of MG Rover Group in July 2005. Brands such as Rover are owned by Jaguar Land Rover’s owner Tata, while Riley and Triumph are owned by BMW Group.

  9. “How Many Left says 592 3′s taxed in Q1 2014. I’ve still not seen one in the flesh either though.”

    202 of which were also taxed during 2013, so my simple maths points towards that being an increase in Q1 this year of 390 vehicles, 4.3 vehicles sold per day?

    It’s an increase of course, but hardly hotcakes and I suspect a small local dealer network of 3 or 4 outlets, could sell that many of a single model type…

  10. I dont get it when people say that they havent seen any about?! I saw 3 MG6s the other night and know of at least 3-4 MG3s within a 7 mile radius.

    I live in Leicester.

    • Difficult concept for you to grasp but when people say they haven’t seen any, it generally means “they haven’t seen any!”….. and err that’s because they hardly sell any.

  11. When was the last time anyone bought a “hot cake” – I cannot think of a bakery anywhere that sells cakes hot.

    The Frontline LE50 was a worthy way of commemorating a notable MG anniversary (just a shame its so expensive!). A Chinese hatchback that has roof decals added to it in Longbridge is not. These products are well behind their peers and that is why no-one is buying them and the franchisees are voting with their feet.

    • No worse than a German-owned car maker making a 50th Anniversary Edition MINI in celebration of the Issigonis original. As much as some don’t like it, overseas ownership of British iconic marques is the way of things. The fact that the bulk of the car is built overseas is a matter of circumstance, and is unlikely to change while people are nervous to buy in the face of prejudiced comments by some about head gaskets, quality of plastic (sigh) and other trivial items that some of the so-called quality marques can be equally guilty of. MG Motor are between a rock and a hard place with this – won’t ramp up the manufacturing capability in the UK due to low sales, but are struggling for sales due to prejudice about where the car is built.
      Ask yourself how many BMW drivers know whether or not their car was built in South Africa, hardly a hotbed of the motor industry. Would they still want their car if they knew?
      As far as hot cakes go, I agree about them not being particular popular in the summer (if you can find them) and is a bit of an unfortunate use of a simile or metaphor, someone tell me which is correct…!

      • There is a huge difference between the MINI and the SAIC/MG.

        BMW have a substantial manufacturing presence in the UK, from the body pressing plant in Swindon, to the engine manufacturing plant in Hams Hall, to the assembly plant at Cowley.

        Saying that “the bulk of the car” (SAIC) is “”built overseas”, doesn’t really do justice to the fact that it is entirely built in China, with Longbridge being nothing more than somewhere to store and distribute the imported cars from. The whole thing is little more than a cynical exercise in marketing which (it would seem, looking at the sales figures) isn’t working.

        • Where are the engines and gearboxes made? Wheels?
          You have missed my point. MINI has as much to do with the Issigonis original as the current MG’s have with anything that came out of Abingdon or Longbridge pre 2005. Please read and digest before criticising

        • I was talking about the way it looked, rather than the price.

          It’s a lot of money, to be sure, but for what is (effectively) a hand built car, built in tiny numbers that are even dwarfed by the current SAIC (MG branded) cars, I’m surprised that they can do it at the price.

  12. I’m really Not sure how it can be “hideous”, when it just looks like a very nicely sorted MGB from the outside. Considering the humiliation that the brand has gone through over the last 10 years, the LE would appear to repair just a little of the damage.

  13. We have one dealer in South Lincs (W.H.Brand) covering the Fens & Peterborough.
    This compares to one MGR dealer in every town back in the good old days.
    I’ve only seen ONE MG6 in Spalding and two or three in Peterborough since its launch. I have however, seen a couple of MG3s in the last few weeks.
    So sales around here are pretty abysmal – which is really sad.

  14. I am out on the motorways and towns and cities every working day, and sightings of any SAIC MG of any kind are still very rare, even in it’s stamping grounds of the West Midlands.

  15. Two MG6’s and one MG3 have appeared in our area within the past month. A rather small area too, which makes it reasonably impressive…

  16. Yes… the MG6 & MG3 are still a rareish find on UK roads. I’ve only seen a handful of 6’s since launch (and two of those were in Yorkshire). I live in Tyneside. Decent looking car though. Sadly I havent seen an MG3 at all, so can’t comment on them at this stage.

    After owning two Rovers and a ZS I hoped to return to MG ownership at some point but doubt if it will be soon…

  17. I see that the usual suspects are clogging up the comments section with nastiness about the MG brand again.

    My MG3 has been superb – no issues what-so-ever, great fun to drive and gets lots of inquisitive looks (usually followed by compliments).

    The MG6 that I had on loan before the ‘3 was assembled was great too! In fact, I think the MG6 felt very much like a modern Rover.

    I think the ‘not up to standard’ sort of comments are based on prejudice rather than experience.

    • I like the MG brand, back in the 1980’s, I was proud to be driving an MG Maestro EFi, I even enjoyed trying to keep an MG Montego Turbo from torque steering its way into ditches, on a few memorable occasions, and enjoy seeing the odd British built MG around. You may even have noticed that I stepped in to defend the MG LE50 earlier. The brand, I don’t have a problem with. I just hate to see it devalued every time it’s given an anonymous Chinese made hatchback and then given the strapline “Beautifully British” and then continually discussed on a website whose own strapline is “Made in Britain”.

      While we still have an industry that builds a competitive product here in the UK, I will support our own workers, our balance of payments and our own identity by buying it. When we no longer have a trace of industry (and any remaining “products” are simply UK branded versions of imported cars), I will consider buying one then. That is, of course, if with no local industry left to pay for imports, we are actually able to afford even a Chinese car!

      While we still have local industry, I will continue to buy genuinely Halewood built Land Rovers and Hinckley built Triumph Motorcycles!

    • MG3 and MG6 are ok cars for a fair price, but they are just OK cars.

      It’s true that BL, Austin Rover etc pushed out some only OK stuff at best stuff and worse in the late 70’s as well, including even the Rhonda’s, but then we were prepared to tolerate it because they were part of our Heritage.

      But now MG is just a brand owned effectively by the Chinese state that does little more than tighten a few bolts at Long bridge and employ a tiny design and engineering team.

      I don’t see any good reason cut them any slack on their “white good” product offering.

    • Just the same old blithering Blubbing comment time after time. “You are all nasty and I don’t like you all because you don’t like the car I like”
      Never a rational argument of why we should all role over and like these MG’s.
      I respect many of the MG Likers on here because they have a rational explanation but you……
      You don’t even understand the argument of why people object to them. Its just rather pathetic…… for a Sockpuppet.

  18. I know there are a lot of people that like to be negative towards the brand, I have no idea why, as far as i am concerned I would rather have a Chinese takeaway than nothing at all.

    There are a number of issues that the people at Longbridge are failing to do.

    Advertise them properly,
    Get decent modern engines
    Get Hybrids on current cars
    Get an Auto box
    get some new models, MG5, MG7 (i would have one)
    Stop fannying about with concepts, just build them and get them here.
    Allow Longbridge to make more changes, better wheels, spoilers, etc.
    Make sure that the MG6 IS in BTCC next year, and not pull out as has been touted about the pit lane.
    reduce the price of the MG 6 to a sustainable level, and remove a few of the standard kit, and put them on the options list

    just a few things, i know none of this will happen, and i know that no one here is in the position to make these decisions, but please, if we can see it, why cant they ?

  19. My daughter’s cakes sold a darn sight faster than MG cars at our local fair. 90 cars in 90 days — wow [not].

    I do wish that AR online would stop bigging MG up. They have no relation to British “proper” MGs and are more related to Hyundai and Kia despite the token UK involvement.

    Let’s be honest, they are also way behind the curve for mainstream EU and Japanese products.

  20. The MG6 is an excellent car. I’ve now done 33000 miles in mine, and it has bee totally reliable. That’s more than can be said for the Rover 75 that preceded it.

  21. I’m now questioning the “lack of advertising” comments. The 3 is AGAIN being advertised on TV. Today I saw a 3 advert in a weekend colour supplement. Also web sites I’ve visited sometimes feature an MG advert. I wonder if many respond to these adverts and then think “No, there’s no dealer nearby”.

    There’s a few “it’s not a roadster” comments creeping in again. Would be great to see one day, yes, but come on get real. SAIC are wanting VOLUME.

    Don’t agree with the “it’s just a Kia” comments either. From road test reports I’ve read there seems to be a definite MG unique selling point – great, enjoyable handling without the need for dangerous speeds. Isn’t that very MG?

    Overall, I still think SAIC are firmly in place at Longbridge with a slow, steady approach.

  22. I’m surprised the ex MG Rover dealer, Edgar and Son, who sold these cars from 1920 to 2005, wasn’t involved. Maybe they realised that selling British built Nissans, where the local content is far higher and the cars very desirable these days, is far more profitable.
    I think you’d see more MGs on the road if they weren’t doing a Seneffe at Longbridge, assembling cars from kits, and the local content was higher and the cars were more relevant. A 1.5 litre supermini isn’t such a good idea when there are 1.2 models with far better economy and performance.

  23. Glenn, I’m originally from Cumbria. Used to live down the A5086 from Edgars in Deanscales. I know the Austin Rover, Rover, MG Rover loyalty there was in this neck of the woods. Ok the 6 in today’s SUV world ain’t ever going to be a big seller but the 3 in a corner of Edgar’s showroom surely would sell “like hot cakes”. Just why has this opportunity been missed?
    Was back in Cumbria this weekend. Saw a few nice MGRs ( took a photo of my ZR parked in Carlisle beside two 45s – all British Racing Green!) but saw not a single SAIC MG. Just what is going on??

  24. Nothing wrong with the new MGs. They have got good equipment, good styling, good build quality and they are good value. What they need to do is advertise their products more! They shouldn’t advertise on small channels like Dave they should rather invest in and advertise on more popular channels suited to their target market!
    I have seen about 15 – 20 MG6s in the wild. When I was driving up to North London the other day there were 2. Although there are many more MGR cars still about than SAIC ones! I’ve seen about 5 MG3s so far!
    Go to the MG factory tour on Thursdays. It will surprise you how much enthusiasm and technology is still in the company.

    • J.C I will try to do that, be very interested to see what the set up is if there are 400 people working there now.

      Not sure staying in the BTCC is important, the 6 is never going to sell in big numbers and the factory campaign must be costing a 7 figure sum(?).

      To reflect comments on another thread SAIC should bring the Maxus here – it would still sell (even more so if made in B’ham as a CKD).

      The LE50 – would have put wire wheels on the press car myself. If only MG made cars like this now…

  25. I barely ever see any MG6’s on the road. Like other people have said, they aren’t advertising them very well at all. I think they are good looking cars, so I’m fairly sure they’d sell more than 90 if the marketing for them was better.

  26. it is interesting see the picture above with the two MG’s. the MG3 still reminds me of the Allegro. The MG6 in the above photo made me think of an Citroen GSA / or a late CX. Alex

  27. @ANON. I think being in the BTCC is important. Ford(and others) have created halos for their model ranges over the years working on the “Race on Sunday Sell on Monday ” principle. What MG need is to actually win the thing. Jason Plato coming 3rd 2 years in a row says yes the man and car is extremely competitive but all people remember is who was first and in what car. To have that trophy in your cabinet together with a special addition model and some proper almost in your face marketing then maybe people will sit up and take notice. Also MG simply need more dealers and an upscaling of local content/manufacture together with appropriate media coverage couldn’t hurt either.

  28. The advertising is an interesting thing. Im in NZ. I saw the MG6s in the show room, but I don’t think many have been sold even 2 years later. By contrast – LDV Vans have been regularly advertising on NZTV. Alex

    • I bought one! There are several around here that I see occasionally, but it’s the 3 that’s starting to sell.

  29. @ David Dawson, Edgars is 4 miles from me. It would be interesting if they took on the MG franchise, as some of the old customers were loyal MG Rover buyers for years, but maybe there’s more money in Nissan.

  30. It and is being advertised in the mags like Closer and the like and a dealership in Oldham has opened a franchise.

    Folks need to stop the “Chinese bullshit” as well, oh the irony of where the iproducts are made…..

  31. Gentlemen.

    There’s an old saying – Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

    Take it from me – and I own an MGC and an MG ZS 120 Stepspeed – the MG6 Turbo is a fine car and very well put together and finished – forget Clarkson – the twit couldn’t even work out how to start it!!! – press the clutch, it’s not rocket science…. Superb road holding, fast on turbo, very comfortable, reasonably economical and well able to uphold the MG name. Mine has given zero problems and in Union Blue (stick that Salmond where the sun don’t shine!) it looks magnificent.

    It’s a cruiser not a bruiser, I concede, but driving from Edinburgh to London (which I do often – and never see another one!), she’ll turn in an average speed of 74mph (you do the maths….) and providing I don’t thump the turbo too much will see 40mpg – and you’ll not pass it unless I want you to!!

    Sure the ZS (another excellent handling car but a bit hard suspension-wise) will beat it (with 40bhp less…) on give and take B roads but show me a clear road and the MG6 is gone.

    Usual disclaimers of course, but as I say, TRY IT – you will be pleasantly surprised.

    PS. I’m a pensioner, so no rude comments! Have a nice day!

    • “Sure the ZS (another excellent handling car but a bit hard suspension-wise) will beat it (with 40bhp less…) on give and take B roads but show me a clear road and the MG6 is gone.”
      A modern car of that class should be capable of destroying an age old MG/Honda ZS in all area… surly? The MG ZS was out of date before it was launched. Although I don’t doubt this MG6 is more comfortable on the open road….
      I admire the fact you have been so loyal to the name.

  32. I immediately discount anything said by someone who tells us he can average 74 mph on a 400 mile + journey in the UK

  33. The MG6 reminds me of a Mazda 3, which isn’t a bad thing. Certainly the styling, the value for money and the reasonable driving ability are selling points, but lack of dealers, very little promotion and the fact very people have one is holding MG back. Also my laptop, digital radio and watch are Chinese and none of these have given me any trouble, so I would very much doubt a car with mostly Chinese parts would be poor.

  34. @Glenn Aylett

    I drive Mazdas almost daily, and the MG6 only resembles a Mazda3 fastback in profile only. And, not to knock the MG6, but I think the Mazda3 is a much better looking beast- especially in Mazda’s much touted ‘Soul Red’.

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