News : MINI 5-Door Hatch opens for business

Keith Adams

MINI 5-Door Hatch (9)

The latest member of the MINI family has been unveiled. The 5-Door Hatch is expected to add significant volume to the MINI’s production output from its Cowley factory, while extending the appeal of the range to growing families who don’t want to go for the larger Countryman model. Prices for the entry-level Cooper start at £15,910.

The new variant sits on a longer version of the MINI’s UKL platform, which boasts a 72mm lengthened wheelbase (to 2567mm). Overall length is up by 161mm up to 4011mm, which is near identical to the MG3, and boot space is up a useful 278 litres (up 67 litres). Most tellingly, the interior room is significantly improved for rear seat passengers and MINI claims that it’s roomier than its closest rival, the five-door Audi A1.

Practicality is vastly improved over the three-door, too – the enlarged boot has a false floor, as is featured in most small crossovers.

The MINI Five-Door Hatch comes with the same range of engines as the three-door F56 version, but also adds a new Cooper SD version. It’s powered by a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel version of the modular TwinPower engine and boasts 168bhp. Performance should be sprightly if the claimed 0-60mph time of 7.4 seconds is anything to go by. Combined Fuel Consumption is 68.9mpg.

In terms of styling, the longer nose of the F56 is balanced better by the longer wheelbase and, although it’s going to take time to get used to it, if MINI’s ambitious sales targets are accurate, then it will become familiar very quickly indeed.

Like the three-door, the MINI 5-door Hatch features technology new to its market sector. The 8.8in screen is the largest in its class, while the optional LED light ring for the central display provides multi-coloured visual feedback to the driver, depending on the driving mode being used. You can also have the option of LED headlights.

Unlike the previous generation of MINIs, the new Five-Door retains the three-door F56’s attention to aerodynamics. It features active cooling air flaps, extensive underbody trim and air ducting elements in the upper section of the C-posts. Drag coefficient is between 0.30 (MINI Cooper 5-door Hatch, MINI Cooper D 5-door Hatch) and 0.32 (MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch) and 0.33 (MINI Cooper SD 5-door Hatch).

The five-door styling strongly evokes memories of the Issigonis XC9001 prototype of the late-1950s, as well as recalling the work done on four-door Minis between 1958 and 1962.

Stay tuned to read more about that…


 Model On The Road Cost
MINI Cooper 5-door Hatch £15,900
MINI Cooper D 5-door Hatch £17,050
MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch £19,255
MINI Cooper SD 5-door Hatch £20,050
Keith Adams


  1. good news 5 seat belts 🙂 interesting though I quite liked the one with the forward opening rear door if only they put it on the pavement side of the car! alex

  2. One more point – now at £15,900 would you buy the Mini – or the MG6 @ £15,455.00 slightly different sized cars I know. but that isn’t the question. Which one would you choose 🙂 alex

  3. ….a question not many will be asking I suspect. But, as asked, I would buy the Mini, not least because it will have a value when I sell it.

  4. I think there is something wrong with me lately. First there was the Clubman concept, then the Superleggera sports car and now this making three Minis on the trot that I quite like. I don’t even mind the slightly awkward snout of the MK3 MINI here and on the Clubman concept.

    The Maxi comparisons are interesting, not least as 4 says in the look of the side elevation. The length and the wheelbase are within centimetres of those of the Maxi.

    With this on offer I struggle to see the point of the godawful Countryman but no doubt people will continue to buy those.

  5. @6 Sandie I agree. 3 in a row of decent looking minis.

    It does look at little like a modern day Maxi and the comparisons to it will inevitably occur but it is sexier than the venerable but practical Maxi and easier on my eye than the Clubman. Although I do like the quirkiness of clubman, particularly the rear doors.

  6. Good idea and no doubt will mean more jobs at Cowley if it sells well. Regardless of what some people might think about BMW and Rover, they certainly gave Cowley a new life after two decades of uncertainty and employ 5000 people making cars people want to buy.

  7. It seems a natural extension of the MINI product line-up given the other variants that have been unveiled over the past five years or so.

    However, there does not seem to be any mention from MINI about the new entry level One models. When are these due to be unveiled?

  8. @2,Would that be an empty £15 k MINI as opposed to a fully loaded MG?

    I would sooner have a Connect Tourneo than the MINI thanks.

  9. Shame they couldn’t do something about the naff ergonomics in the triumph of style over function that is the modern Bini interior.

    Mrs E is due some new wheels early next year and she rather likes this. Oh, dear. That’s women for you.

  10. From Autocar:
    “The new five-door Mini hatchback has been revealed, and is set to give the brand the biggest sales boost of any single model so far when it goes on sale in October. BMW insiders believe it could outsell today’s three-door model by a factor of three to one.
    It is thought that this new model could account for around 150,000 units annually, massively boosting Mini’s sales overall.”

  11. I saw this in Autocar today and expected a blizzard of negative comments when I came on here tonight. Pleasantly surprised to see not that many – apart from the inevitable source. Looks good to me. Only problem BMW will have is building them quickly enough.

  12. I thought there was a five door mini all ready, like years ago? Shows how much attention I am paying.

  13. God knows I am no fan of the MINI whatsoever but I have to feel sorry for this. On balance I’d prefer a Maxi. This poor thing looks like its been spanked on the behind with a huge butter pat, had a baby mammoth dropped from a height onto the roof and the less said about the front the better..
    All that said anything that puts the Countryman out of our misery and into the next world is never a bad thing. That thing is *huge*, it looks like a disneyfied version of Jabba the Hutts neice. Or a Hippo with a polycystic ovarian syndrome..
    The Japanese Kei cars were the right way to go, snall, nimble and well packaged (plus the turbos were downright scary). We end up with a “small” car that looks like the automotive analogue of Rosie O’Donnell… in a fat suit.

  14. 1. with the 4-door BMW re-invents the Rover 25 or possibly even the Rover 45 given its bulk.
    2. After ditching Rover how much money has BMW spent chasing the fwd sector it had abandoned? This surely has to be added to any other costs with Rover Groups losses etc.
    3. The only good looking MINIs are the 3-door and Superlegga. The rest of the range are butt ugly and I’ve seen people laugh at them in the street.
    4. I’ve yet to see an MG3 in the flesh but this may owe more to the original Mini concept that the BMW version.

  15. Sorry but this is awful. The back is completely out of proportion to the front. If one of the British marques had produced this in the 70’s we would be slagging this off now!

  16. Very tempted to compare this to a Maxi or ADO17 given how ill-proportioned it looks, sure it will find many buyers like a Qashqai though cannot say am a fan.

    A shame that Mini has no plans to introduce a proper Mini-Mini in the mould of the Spiritual or the Rocketman as aside from possibly the upcoming Renault Twingo III and Volkswagen Up! GT, no Kei / City Car worth downsizing to even exists at this time.

  17. This is IMO, massively great news for the UK manufacturing industry.

    It gives people jobs, skills and money in their pocket, which they spend, giving other people jobs an this Government tax.

    A large skilled work forces entices other manufatcurers to set up plant nearby too.

  18. Probably just me but the glasshouse reminds me a bit of the ECV3. Bet there’s very little chance of the seats folding flat like a Maxi.

    Even so, it’s a useful variant.

    I see they’re talking of a Mini plant in Mexico for the US market – hope it won’t affect Cowley too adversely.

  19. Glenn @ 8 – Good point but then again was a similar success at Longbridge so impossible?

    alexscott @ 2 – Interesting point. MINI is now rather large in size and price. However, it still has a smaller car style, feel. In all honesty, I think I’d opt for an MG6 for this money. In reality I’m getting an MG3 in a few months.

    Think this 5 door looks ok – far better than a Countryman

  20. That is JUST an “ok” in terms of looks. I’m not thinking “oh that’s good looking”. However, as said above I can see it increasing sales massively.

  21. I’m not sure I understand the MINI product plan. Let me get this right.

    You have the standard MINI. Then the 5 door for people who want a bit more space and practicality. The Clubman for people who want an enormous blind spot in their rear view, I mean for people who want even more space and practicality. The Countryman is for people who want even more space and practicality than that and the Paceman is for people who find the Countryman too practical.

    The coupe is for people who want less space and practicality than a standard MINI. The Convertible is for people who don’t want a roof and the Roadster is for people who don’t want a rood and want to pay more for less seats.

    And the Clubvan is for people who find normal vans too cheap and practical.

    Obviously I’m glad the MINI’s success is keeping people employed in Oxford but you do wonder if all these variations make much sense.

    • Nearly.

      There is the standard Bini for people who would previously have bought a Rover 25. The 5 door for people who want a Maxi that LOOKS like a Mini, the Clubman for errr …. people who want a Mini mated to a Volvo 240 Estate and the Paceman is for people who want you to know they have no kids and are smaller than 5’6″.

      The Countryman is for people who do not understand aesthetics or old people who need a high seating position in order to be able get out of the car without the aid of a crane.

      The covertible is for hairdressers who want you to believe that one day they will get the roof down but actually won’t because it would ruin their hair and the roadster is for people who couldn’t find a decent classic MGB.

      The Clubvan is for people who want to pretend that they are driving a real van but in actual fact only need to carry their shopping home from the designer outlet.

  22. This isn’t about practicality, it’s about style – like all BMWs. If you want the most practical car, don’t buy one. This will sell loads because it can manage to serve as a family car, and it probably extends the age profile upwards.

  23. @ Jemma – Comment 17:

    It is always a pleasure to read your tongue-in-cheek comments which leave a big smile on the face.

    @ Graham SAS – Comment 18:

    I, too, was drawing parallels with a successor for the much missed Rover 25. I have seen only one MG3 in the flesh in East Devon where I live, and in black it looked more appealing. Until the arrival of cheaper variants in the MINI’s three and five-door line-up (I am presuming they will arrive at some point), the MG3 will continue to look like excellent value-for-money despite the limited engine choice.

  24. I thought they said the problem with the Maxi was its lack style.
    This “thing” makes a Maxi look beautiful and sexy.

  25. Like so much of the ‘barrel scraping’ Mini range, this is seven shades of wrong! Though I’m waiting with baited breath for the Mini Deadman hearse and Mini Ice-cream-man varieties!

  26. Looks great and will no doubt be a great success boosting MINI sales like the Countryman which reached 250,000 sales last year! 🙂

    “When Mini rolled out the Countryman in 2010, many observers questioned the logic of taking the compact formula into larger territory. But two and a half years since its introduction, Mini has sold an impressive 250,000 units of the crossover model. The Countryman arrived as the sixth model in the company’s line-up, representing the first four-door Mini (or five-door if you count the tailgate), as well as the brand’s first all-wheel-drive model.” – See more at:

  27. An amorphic blob of a car- the usual lack of effort by BMW’s supposedly British division sees the routine rolling out of the dough, separated into lumps, and given to 6 year olds to knead and stretch then mould it over a Scalextric chassis with oversize white wheels.

    Tickled as ever by Jemma’s comments, but Richard Poulter really hit the nail on the head.

    I fear that with BMW scientists meddling with nature with this horror that even Frankinstein would abort, there is little hope of the beautiful Superleggera seeing the light of day.

  28. @33. “Looks great….” Are you sure? Should of gone to Specsavers?
    With so many ugly car designs nowadays it seems that familiarity equals normality so everybody just accepts it. It seems to be a case of choosing the least ugly car rather than having a choice of elegant cars.

  29. Another wonderful variant from BMW. These guys are like the Hit Factory when it comes to making cars, I wonder what Rover would look like now if history had turned out differently.

  30. In a way this car is like that fat arsed sperm tank Kim Kardashian, all image on the outside and inside unlike the aforementioned jizzmop that most stupid folk revere for doing nothing at all.

    Maybe I am being unfair to the car. What I am trying to say is there are more practical, cheaper and more suitable family cars out there, but its all about image and branding, and BMW must be applauded for this knowing a Berlingo Multispace does it just as well for less money.

    In the end nobody really cares anyway.

  31. The more I look at it the more svelte a Maxi looks. I remember the days when a Maxi looked rather basic and utilitarian. Nowadays it looks positively handsome compared to modern cars.

  32. Every new MINI model looks more ugly than it’s predecessor (as do BMW’s). With that in mind I dread to think what they will produce for the next Countryman variant.
    I am sure BMW are conducting some sort of experiment to see how repulsive they can make their cars look before the sales drop off.
    I write this as a former BMW buyer 27 variants, between 1986 and 2007.
    It is just a thought, why do all MINI’s have to look like MINI’s as all Porsche’s have to look like 911’s. Perhaps the antidote for MINI is to produce the Superlegerra?

  33. @42, I agree, the new 1 series looks a pig as do all the rest, the current 3 series does look sleek upfront but I am still no fan.

    The best looker was the E61/3 bangle 5 series.

  34. Might have guessed – all the moaners got in first! And at 1 (Alex) – the half door is on the right side for a UK car – you would know that if you ever owned one!!!
    Keith, whenever your going to do an article on anything Mini or for any UK based make – why don’t you place a spot on the screen (indicated by a boot) where folk on this website can just kick the stuffing out of the car! You could also have another spot indicating where you can order your Kia. (It would just save so much time!)

  35. @45
    I owned a MINI from 2007 to 2010, it really was style over substance. My wife also disliked it preferring her KA, refusing to part with it to drive the MINI Cooper.
    As regards hating anything British you are way off the mark, having owned four brand new JLR products since 2006.
    Hell would have to freeze over before I purchased a KIA/Hyundai…. White goods in the world of motors!

  36. Why don’t those ranting the ‘same old’ comments on here put their money where their mouth is and buy up some of those unsold ‘cheap as chips’ MG’s to give a boost to the Chinese car industry? Perhaps this will show the rest of us more ‘stupid’ motorists in our common old British built MINI’s how wrong we were investing our money in the lowest depreciating car in the UK…. 🙂

    “According to Glass’s, the MINI depreciated by as little as 16.4 per cent in its first year, the strongest residual values of any of the 34 car manufacturers Glass’s looked at, and even the options added by many buyers saw the residual values higher still.”

  37. Many moons ago, I said that I would never own a MINI product because of what BMW “did” to Rover group. And having spent a few years working at MGR, working on some of the most fun vehicles I’d ever worked on and allowed MGR to properly get under my skin – I was absolutely stubborn in my view that I would not own one.

    Then one evening when the whole MGR thing had left my system and I was no longer at the point where I felt like lining up the Phoenix 4 and Kevin Howe and wanting to shoot the lot of them or at least beat them to death with a big stick, I kind of “turned a corner” and let the whole episode wash over me and I had a kind of epiphany.

    Well I say epiphany, more a kind of “coo” moment. I was watching the re-make of the Italian Job and it got to the bit where they were driving through the storm drain and my future wife (in my dreams) a certain Charlize Theron was spanking her Cooper S and I said the current Mrs F “do you fancy a MINI”? The reponse was “why not” and at that point I started my search. We ended up with a Cooper S JCW and loved every minute of our ownership. We let it go eventually for a bigger car, but a strange turn of events has resulted in the same car being back on our drive this month and we absolutely love the car.

    There are many out there that want to see the brand fail and many who complain and moan about the car and what it means and how it arrived and how it screwed MGR up by not having the product and so on. There are many who think that the current line up are not good enough and that they are going to moan left right and centre about them, but do you know what? I think that these people are well and truly stuck in the past. Out of many who who state their case on Keith’s wonderful site, how many of them have actually been part of the whole MGR story and so on? Not many as there were only 6500 of us. And as an ex-employee of MGR, I am pleased that the MINI brand has grown and got bigger and bigger and keeps the boys and girls of Oxford and surrounding area employed. The brand is growing and has a global appeal. Would we have achieved this success? Who knows, but as it stands, judging by how many MINI owners there are on the small, mostly harmless blue green planet, it can’t be all that bad can it?

    This new 5 door variant has caught my attention because I’ve seen them for months at work being tested prior to production and I quite like them. It makes sense, it’s a nicely balanced car and I would happily consider one in the future! The only down side for me, is it hasn’t got a supercharger on like our current Cooper S JCW, but hey, they’re smashing cars and the sooner all of the “doom-mongers” out there swallow their pride and realise how important the brand is to the UK, the better!! If this car had been made at Longbridge in this format and still being produced by MGR, would the complaints still be there? I would like to believe that this wouldn’t be the case – but just because it’s BMW at the helm…………………… My only complaint – the new Speedo/Revcounter arrangement looks appaling and cheap looking – but that’s all!

  38. I am sure it will sell in great numbers, but are any of the other car enthusiasts out there totally flummoxed by the multitude of new models and variations being introduced by the manufacturers? BMW seems to be the worst, seemingly introducing another model because one housewife says she would like a 5 series with a hatchback, but not an estate, or a 3 series coupe with 4 doors which looks like an SUV. It reminds of that episode of The Simpsons when Homer’s long lost brother from the car industry allows him to help design the perfect car with disastrous results. I suppose this is what happens when all the car manufacturers allow people choice. I personally prefer it when you could just get a C, E or S class or 3,5 or 7 series – it was far easier to understand. Dont get me started on the BMW 740 with a 3litre engine rather than 4litre as presumed.

  39. I don’t think anyone is calling anyone stupid for liking this car, freight and fanfare its residuals (For three or four years)but it will soon end up on a car front somewhere and after that the shit on the shoes of pub car park traders like a lot of the shagged smooth 52 platers with creases in the chassis rails.

    Just like any other car.

    Some people don’t like MINI’s and some people don’t like MG’s or gang rape.

  40. So what….if it may end up on a car front or pub car park just like any other car?!

    Glass’s said not just for 3 or 4 years but “even for vehicles aged seven years”

    Glass’s Andrew Jackson said:
    Considering that MINI operates within a classically high-RV-performing segment, combined with the desirable nature of the brand, meant that even for vehicles aged seven years, the percentage of cost new that can be expected from a MINI was appreciably more than any other brand.
    Read more:

    • Its obvious you are a MINI fanatic bordering on a zealot but there really is no need to trawl for quotes etc regarding just a car, what some car hack ponce writes with a pie in one hand a cup of piss on the auction floor in the other does not represent anything like, there are loads of Cat C dogs out there, even our firm deals with some of the ropey stuff on the write off avoidance scheme, that’s why they are a licence to print money at breakers-£500 for bonnet, bumper and headlights for instance.

      Classically high bollocks, Birds, estate agents and kebab shops are the mainstay of the second hand market and its a well know fact cars like this are always held artificially high in terms of residuals in the networks so its axiomatic the second hand market will follow suit.

      I could buy an handful of £1200 52 plate dockers right now.

      Good show that there are folk that do look after them and keep them but they are not the vast majority.

  41. The MINI brand is getting bigger and better all the time,And no doubt people will buy the 5 door mini and all these new models are good news for the uk and plant oxford. I have owned minis most of my whole life i have tried different brands but always end up back in a mini.When the new countryman was launched i thought what the hell is happening with mini.But i was wrong since going for a test drive in a countryman cooper S i was hooked. I can honestly say that the clubman is bye far the best car mini has made to date. So dont go yuk at the new 5 door mini just yet i promise it will grow on you.All these new models cater for everyone if you want a small mini you have it, if you want a large mini you have it, if you want a small mkini with 5 doors here it is, like it or loathe it this new 5 door will fly out the showrooms.

    • Its a car for whoever wants one, maybe the cash rich, time poor or second car folks.

      It will sell of course but some on here need to be mindful its not everyone’s cup of tea, like a lot of other cars.

      Start fanfaring Mazda’s or whatever and I am sure comments in a similar vein will be made on the cars demerits.

  42. My partner has had 4 Mini’s over the last 8 years, I bought her the first one in Singapore (if you think they are pricey in the UK think again) because if she was going to fall in love with an English guy she should have an English car.

    Very pleased she was as the Mini is the “it” car in Asia, if you’re one of Asia young aspirational middle class, its the only car to be seen in. Clearly she is still a happy and good customer for Mini, as she has bought the last two with her own hard earned cash.

    Of course if I had my sensible head on, I would be telling her to buy the Fiesta which I think has a much better ride and handling balance and a good bit cheaper. But then that would be like telling her to wear sensible shoes and tights and why on earth would I want to do that.

    Now we have 1 year old daughter to chauffeur around this new Mini is going to be a perfect second car. Its small enough to be easy to park in urban Gothenburg where we now live, its very safe and yes its still a cool car.

    Yes its a fashion accessory, but then the modern Mini’s inspiration was not Mini Minor but the the Mini Cooper, the Mini Minor failed to hit its target market of Blue Collar motorists they went and bought a Ford Anglia instead. The Mini Minor (not forgetting the Austin version) with a lot of help from the Cooper was a hit with the young aspirational middle class of 60s Britain. Is that not exactly what this car is for a new more global generation?

    • The car certainly polarises opinion, I had loads of the original and while fun they was not good cars. Some like myself complain that it does not have the purity of the original and that may be salient to 40 something’s like myself, setting that aside the young blades that buy these may not be able to compare but they will find themselves in a fine handling car.

      Never one for really liking the R52/3 ( I had a JCW) looking at the new model I find myself preferring those R52/3’s!

      Next to a countrymen today I could not help but think how van like and high of bonnet it was.

      Perhaps in the skin it will look ok but its the smaller details like those huge rear lights that spoil it for me, and you are right about the Fiesta.

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