News : MINI Graduate Programme places up for grabs

MINI UK Graduate programme

Recruitment for a brand new graduate programme with 13 places available across the MINI UK production network is now underway. The UK Graduate Programme will welcome applicants in variety of areas ranging from engineering and finance to business and IT.

Eight will be based at the MINI factory in Cowley, with a further four at the company’s pressings plant Swindon and one at the company’s engine plant at Hams Hall. Starting in October 2014 the programme will last for 24 months during which graduates will complete five different placements on various strategic and operational projects that will allow them to gain an insight into business process, strategy and culture from both a UK and global perspective.

Student Ciaran Raymer, 23, is currently working at MINI Plant Oxford as an intern as part of his year in industry. He is studying Business and Enterprise at Chester University and is based in MINI Plant Oxford’s process management team. He said: ‘I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from experts in their respected fields giving me access to an unparalleled level of knowledge. The launch of the new graduate scheme is really exciting and will be a great opportunity for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the automotive sector.’

The programme at a glance:

  • 24 month programme covering five placements.
  • A maximum of three placements in the home business.
  • Placements away from the home business can be either in the UK or internationally.
  • One of the placements must be in a different department.
  • Placements in production and a customer facing role.

More information in the company’s Facebook page.

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  1. Good news, I am amazed after a few days I am the first to comment, I am further amazed nobody has drew a comparison that the recruitment number has been compared to the monthly sales of a MGUK product yet as seems to be the vogue.

    That would be impish of me aye?

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