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B.M.C. Celebrates.


Mr. George Harriman, the B.M.C chairman, is justifiably jubilant at the Mini’s success.

He takes a close, personal interest in competition work, regarding it as a means of publicly proving cars, as well as assisting development and boosting sales and prestige abroad. Although B.M.C.’s team was pruned this year to four Mini Cooper ” S ” saloons and one M.G.B., their effort could not have cost less than £25,000. But against this, and the cost of subsequent advertising, can now be set the definite prospect of increasing total car output from 18,500 to more than 20,000 a week.

“The amazing point is”,  Mr Alec Issigonis, designer of the Mini, and B.M.C.’s technical director says, “that I planned the ADO15 not as a competition car but as family transport. But I think that when exceptional drivers get hold of the car. they can exploit its steering, suspension and roadholdinG-all of which I felt were important for a family car.”

Keith Adams

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