News : BMH launches replacement wings for the MGF

British Motor Heritage MGF rear wing

British Motor Heritage (BMH) is pleased to announce the availability of replacement rear wings for the MGF. They are pressed on the original tooling and consequently of the highest quality. The part numbers are ALH460080R (right), and ALH460090R (left). Restorers obviously have the option of cutting them down if they only need to replace a small section. The unit price is £195.00, inc. VAT. BMH’s increasing range of panels for the MGF also includes sills – ALG460040 (right) and ALG460050 (left) – which are priced at £78.41 each, inc. VAT. They too are produced on the original tooling.

All the above are available from BMH Approved MG specialists, a full listing of which can be found at BMH’s website. Hopefully, the introduction of these items should ensure more of these great little sports cars are kept on the road.

Clive Goldthorp

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  1. £195 for a wing, my that is steep. I would have though half that price was more reasonable. Especially when a good MGF can be bought for around a grand.

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