Events : Preview – BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day 2014

Mike Humble

All things BMC / BLare welcome at the 21st BMC/BL Rally in Peterborough (img The Austin Federation)
All things BMC/BL are welcome at the 21st BMC/BL Rally in Peterborough (Image: The Austin Federation)

Once again, it’s event time.  3 August 2014 is the 21st BMC/BL Rally and, hopefully, the weather will be a little bit better than last year. The event is held at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park in Peterborough and features a mouth-watering gathering of vehicles from our historic British Motor Corporation and subsequent brands.

You can either bring your own car along or wander in and bask in the Cambridgeshire sunshine. There’s all things for everyone on show and for the deep pockets – an auto jumble to locate that rare rover radiator or hard to find fusebox. Food and drink will be available, competitions, prizes, raffles – even camping space is provided at a small cost. Vehicle entry is charged at £10.00 on the day or £5.00 if you pre-book in advance.

Wacky about wedges or fanatical Farina's? - Bring your car along or join in at the AROnline stand!
Wacky about wedges or fanatical Farinas? Bring your car along or join in at the AROnline stand!

This year AROnline will be manning a small display if there is enough interest and our new Editor, Craig Cheetham, and myself will be on site to meet, greet and say hello while displaying our own motley collection of class. To find out more about the show itself or for pre-booking your car entry CLICK HERE and for details about registering your interest in the AROnline pitch at the show, see the post in the AROnline forum and let Rob Copson know your intentions.

So regardless of being mad about Montego’s or dotty on Devons, the rally is a great day out for everyone – come along and enjoy. It’s easy to find too – it’s a short hop from the A1/A605 junction or the A1260 Nene Parkway.

See you there?



  1. Looking forward to it, hope the Dolomite will be done in time, pump posted off today, so fingers crossed, if all else fails I may have to bring the modern and sneak in in disguise!

  2. We were there in 2005, in my Black ZS Saloon, was a good day out, and hopefully will be back again this year, this time in a 1990 Rover 827Si Fastback

  3. I might attend, if there is somewhere out of sight to hide my scruffy looking Fiesta…

  4. Yes Jagboy
    Editor Craig – 827
    Me – R8 214GSi
    Neil Rapsey – 75 Club SE
    Rob Copson – Dolomite
    Bejamin Adams – R8 214SLi

    so far

  5. If I only I still had my 1300 GT (XWF 537J).Sadly long since gone to the Longbridge graveyard in the sky!

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