News : Bollinger Evoque at a bar near you…

Keith Adams

An unlikely partnership, or a synergy of brands? Whatever way you look at, it, the idea of a Range Rover Evoque Bollinger edition is an appealing one. Crafted by Range Rover in collaboration with Italian customisers Aznom, this unique Evoque features a wine-red paintjob with bronze trim and a matt black roof, with an interior bathed in cream leather.

It was made for the champagne house Bollinger for the 2012 Vinitaly wine festival, and will accompany a Luxury Lounge motor home across Europe to promote Bollinger and its fine Champagne.



Keith Adams


  1. This car features in the new James bond film ‘skyfall’. This is where the special comes from as bond is fond with this brand of alcohol. JLR are supplying over 70 cars for skyfall, such as the defender driven by naomi Harris, bond girl, range rover vogue and judy denches jag xk.

  2. Is there a slot on the dash for the soon-to-be mandatory (in France, at least) alco-test…?

    Joking aside, I like that colour – rather elegant. Take the logo off the roof and I suspect they’ll shift quite a few.

    After all this week’s fuss, perhaps Greggs might want to do a special edition…

  3. Hmm, car link up with an alcohol brand? What next the Jag XJ Glennfiddich? Bloody idiots!

    This car is the choice for drug dealers’ girlfriends anyway, so taste clearly is something that is out of the window.

    I hope it backfires on them. Cars & booze do not mix.

  4. So early on in its sales life when waiting lists are already long enough and Land Rover is potentally canvassing a special edition model. Rather a premature move, me thinks, and it won’t do anything to maintain the creditability of the Range Rover brand.

    Some would say it is already sad that there is a link with Victoria Beckham, who isn’t a trained designer, and an unconfirmed potential special edition version bearing her name/initials.

  5. Sad to see a good car become a triumph of money over taste. You just know that “Patsy” out of Ab-Fab (Joanna Lumley) will be driving one of these.

  6. I hope JLR dont do to the evoque what BMW do with the MINI and ceaselessly prostitute and milk the brand for all its worth,as matters stand the evoque is selling itself without booze and walking X rays (Victoria Beckham) poncing alround the thing.

  7. @Francis Brett – me too, but that seems to be a profitable way of selling cars (see also Fiat 500)

  8. @16 agreed.The 500 is a car milked as much as the mini,but i prefer that car over the mini anyday,in a way the 500 gives a bit back with the twinair,and the everyday 500 looks an honest little car.In short,the 500 is more forgivable because unlike the mini,which god knows how many versions- countryman,coupe or whatever,i hasnt got a vast variation on the model range,yes the mini sells in droves i cant argue with that,why should i?but some are pretty pointless-like the 24k park lane,thats not small beer for a small car,i know the 500 abarth can get quite strong too but they will never sell in big numbers,i have friends in the williams BMW/MINI dealership locally and this is no joke,a customer specced up a countryman to the tune of 38 grand!i could have got a 535D for that!utter madness!

  9. @17 – BMW have been doing this on the 3/5/7 series models for years, of course, with only one or two trim levels available but the expectation that buyers will select their own profitable options from a long list!

  10. 1. “Cant wait to hear what the beards think of this!”

    Okay, Paul, I’ve got a beard. What would you like to know?…

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