News : Not for Brits, the latest MINI edition

Keith Adams

Just so you know, the latest special edition MINI Cooper, the Rauno Aaltonen Edition has broken cover. But the new car, named after the winner of the prestigious 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, is only available in selected European markets.

The car comes dressed with a Chili Red paint finish with a white air intake and matching stripes on the both the front and rear of the car. The colour scheme is also visible down the flanks and side scuttles and all the way to the chequerboard decals, and is intended to recall the looks of the original legendary Mini-Cooper rally cars. Rounding out the exterior modifications are a fancy set of new 17in ‘Infinite Stream Spoke’ wheels.

Inside, the special edition Cooper Rauno Aaltonen received a new – and specially badged – leather-trimmed steering wheel. The speedometer also got tweaked and now comes with a red outer ring and an image of Aaltonen’s very own John Hancock. The special edition program can be used on both the Cooper and Cooper S models, although the latter comes with an extra treat in the form of a one-day instructional session to drive on ice at the rally school owned by no less than Rauno himself and his son, Tino Aaltonen.


Keith Adams


  1. Now this is a proper special edition, good job that it won’t be available to Estate Agents amd Hairdressers!

  2. They did a very very nice LE in about 2004, to celebrate the first (1964) monte win, we didn’t get that either, LHD only. We can shout as much as we like about it being a British Brand with a British Manufacturing plant, but at the end of the day they’re a German company.

  3. I know its an export-only limited edition, but I do approve of those lovely English looking number plates.

    Sorry, but I just had to throw that comment in!

  4. Finnish newspaper tells that Rauno Aaltonen edition was proposed by marketing department of Mini France. I am late when writing this, but haven’t found where this edition is available and at what price. In today’s world it is easy to market something that doesn’t exist at first place…

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