News : Our Christmas present to you – free AROnline car stickers now available

Craig Cheetham

AROnline car sticker

It’s almost time to open the first door on the advent calendar, so to show our appreciation for all your support towards the site over the past 12 months, we’ve had a number of AROnline ‘dealer stickers’ made up, which look great in the back window of your classic or modern car.

If you’d like your own cherished AROnline-type car to sport the latest automotive fashion accessory (and who wouldn’t?) then all you need to do is send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we’ll pop your requested number of stickers back to you in return…

Please, though, remember both the stamp and the envelope as AROnline is run with no editorial budget, so I can’t just nip down to Office World and stick them through on expenses. The sticker measures 20cm by 2cm, so a normal-sized envelope and standard letter stamp will do.

Also, please note that this isn’t a personal data collection exercise – just a thank you. So please don’t worry, I don’t need your inside leg measurement or email address, and I won’t be flogging your home address to any offshore marketing companies…

If you’re still not sure (and I have any left), I’ll have a few of these with me at Pride of Longbridge and the Peterborough BMC/BL Rally in 2015, which can be collected from me in person or from under my rear wiper, but they’re ages away.

Otherwise, please send your stamped, self-addressed envelope (hopefully, I haven’t patronised anybody too much) to AROnline Sticker Giveaway, 4 New Road, Chatteris PE16 6BJ. Oh, and please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, as I’ll be packing them all at once and have a full-time job as well!

Merry Christmas – and thank you all for your ongoing support.

The new AROnline car sticker, as modelled by the editor's latest acquisition. Your car, too, could look like this...
The new AROnline car sticker, as modelled by the Editor’s latest acquisition. Your car, too, could look like this…


Craig Cheetham


  1. I wrote my SAE the moment I read this.

    My ZR already features a quite prominent POL picture. The AROnline sticker will complement this well.

  2. I think there will be an envelope dropping through your letter box very soon, great idea and will compliment my ex AR Online project 75 nicely.

  3. Thanks a lot in advance Craig!
    I posted my stamped self-addressed letter yesterday.
    I’m sure it will look great on my ZT 260!

  4. Thank you Craig for handing me one of these at the NEC!

    I have emailed you the picture of it in the ex-AROnline G reg 214!

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