Staples2Naples 2005: Preparations, part six


NEXT week is crunch time – thanks to an impending Lancia deal falling through, we now only have my 75 and Molly (and another Allegro shaped cars, more of which later), so I’ve drawn the short straw of having to commute to Peterborough in the Allegro for the next week or so.

If Molly can stand up to the rigours of the A605, A14 and B660, we’ll be in reasonable shape. Certainly, she’s a head turner now, but I’m not sure whether that’s down to her unrelinquishing Allegroness, or simply because of the stickers we’ve applies to her svelte panels. I’ll keep you informed how she’s running…

Here are some pictures of her now – more transfers to come, I suspect 🙂

The Sniff Petrol logo, our driver stickers and the Austin-Rover sign were supplied by Phil Dunford at,


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