News : CMC to produce limited run of Mark 2 by Callum models

CMC - Ian Callum's Jaguar Mk2.2

Classic Motor Cars Limited (CMC) has today announced that, following what it describes as “the amazing response from car enthusiasts around the world” after the launch of the Jaguar Mark 2 by Callum, the company will be producing a limited edition run of the cars.

‘The car was only unveiled to the public just over a week ago but has attracted interest from all over the world,” said Peter Neumark, Chairman of CMC.

He added: ‘In my remarks at the launch of the car I said that we would love to build more, but little did I think the response would be so great. Within hours we had received calls from people all over the globe asking if they could buy one. We asked Ian Callum if we could produce a limited run and he has said ‘yes.’”

Ian Callum said: ‘I re-designed the car and CMC rebuilt it and re-engineered it for my personal use. I wasn’t sure how it would be received but I have been both astounded and delighted with the response. I am pleased that a few more cars are going to be built.”

The cars will cost between £350,000 and £375,000 and buyers will have the opportunity to choose the body and interior colours that they prefer.

Clive Goldthorp


    • I hope so. Rather than having plentiful cars all kept as museum exhibits let’s get some improved by allowing car enthusiasts to exercise their personal choice.

  1. Nice, but very expensive! You could buy a fleet of XF’s for that kind of money (which I think I would do – or at least two)

  2. Kill it, kill it with fire – preferably along with the individuals who thought it up.

    Seriously – you put plastic bumpers on and wheels that quite frankly even a Corsa owner wouldnt touch with someone else’s barge-pole and its suddenly the second coming? Its like Inspector Morse putting in for a sex-change!

    I could also do with an explanation of why when an MG has rubber bumpers its about as loved and popular as Satans diseased left testicle to the point every one (including Ed “god I am annoying” China & his sidekick The Grinning Dwarf) replaces them with knockoff chrome ones and this does exactly the opposite (slapping on plastic and crappy alloys) people are queueing for it like apple fanbois… hmm, might have answered my own question.

    Yes, if you are a retarded maniac with a deathwish and a provisional license its entirely possible that the original brakes might be a little weak for the task – but to be fair if you are driving a Mark 2 Jag like Luca Badoar with a hangover – you deserve the Darwin Award for what will happen at the next bend….

    This is the automotive equivalent of a Harpic-Facelift and in a perfect world there should be a charity fund set up for victims to have the damage reversed (as much as is possible) by a sympathetic expert mechanic, as there has been for various victims of the human equivalent.

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