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Jaguar’s S-TYPE replacement gets a familar name

The signs are good for the Jaguar XF. (Pic:

Jaguar Cars recently announced that its new sporting saloon and direct replacement for the underrated S-TYPE, will be called the XF. The new car will make its public debut during the autumn of 2007. It is hoped that the new car will pick up from where the impressive new XK has taken off, and will entice younger buyers away from the opposition, and into the fold.

Designed and developed at Jaguar’s Product Development Centre at Whitley in Coventry, UK, the new Jaguar XF will be built at Jaguar’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, UK. Disappointingly, it has become widely known that the new car will not continue the pioneering alumnium costruction of its bigger brother XJ (which is due for a facelift soon), but will be contructed using more conventional methods.

“The Jaguar XF is a new sports saloon that will challenge people to think again about Jaguar as daring and different,” commented Bibiana Boerio, managing director of Jaguar Cars. “Our new XK sports car has been very well-received and is enjoying great success. We are now moving on to the next stage of Jaguar’s exciting new design era – and if you like the new XK, just wait until you see the new Jaguar XF!”

Customer deliveries of the new Jaguar XF will commence in spring 2008, dependent on market.

Although the XF name is new to Jaguar, and shows that the naming convention takes on a more logical order (XF, XJ, XK – will the be an X-TYPE replacement called the XE, though?), it’s a badge that has adorned a ‘Jaguar’ boot lid before.

Back in 2003, the Fuore Design team developed a concept known as the XF 10. Cited as being a tribute to the legendary two-seaters produced in Coventry during the 1950s. Powered by a 7-litre V10 engine, it wasn’t short of go to match the style, either…

Fuore’s Jaguar XF 10: Our kind of concept car…

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