News : Euro Rover Round Britain Driving Challenge

Four members of the Euro Rover Owners Club will be highlighting their pride in Longbridge-built cars by taking part in their very own 24-hour Round Britain Driving Challenge to raise funds for charity.


Wyn Fellowes, Daniel DeMellow, Sarah James and Mark James are all avid enthusiasts of Rover and MG cars built during the Rover Group and MG Rover Group eras and decided to do something to highlight the 10th anniversary of volume car production at Longbridge coming to an end

On Friday, 17 April 2015, they will embark on a 1,207 mile journey following a pre-planned route which starts at Cofton Park, opposite the Longbridge assembly plant, and heads northwards to Edinburgh. The route then progresses down the eastern side of the UK to Gateshead before heading inland, taking in Grantham, Luton and Woking. Then it is time to visit Exeter and the West Country before travelling up the M5 motorway, passing through Bristol, Swansea, Powys and Shrewsbury. The plan is to arrive back at Cofton Park approximately 24 hours after they leave to attend the annual Pride of Longbridge event.

The car they have chosen to use is a 2002 MG ZT CDTi+ 116 which was purchased via a certain internet auction website. Wyn’s subsequent research into the history of the car found it to be the very first MG ZT CDTi+ 116 off the production line. When registered in July 2002 it then served on the MG Rover Group press fleet. Even more intriguing is the car’s logbook, which states that BX02 RDZ is Trophy Yellow in colour, although the car is actually finished in Trophy Blue paintwork. In addition, there is also an XPower sticker in the door.

‘The aim of our one-car driving challenge is to raise money for a number of UK charities and also help keep the MG Rover profile and appeal of the cars going, especially with this year being the 10th anniversary since the company ended,” said Wyn Fellowes, Chairman of the Euro Rover Owners Club.

He added: ‘The chosen charities are South Birmingham Young Homeless Project, Help for Heroes, Rising Stars Theatre Company, the NSPCC and Spinal Injury Research.”

If you would like to sponsor Wyn and the other drivers, please visit the site and follow the donate link.

To follow the drivers’ progress, visit the Euro Rover Owners Club on Facebook or Twitter at #RBC15 or @EuroRover Owners.

Keith Adams


  1. I am pleased to report the team completed their challenge in 23 hours and 10 minutes and arrived in ofton park at 11.45am (delayed outside by 35 minutes due to the volume of traffic entering the venue).

    A follow-up report is to follow but in the meantime, I am advised the team will be collecting any pledges made to the charities they are raising funds for up until 2nd May.

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