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Ian Pogson

For those of you who don’t know, Ian Pogson or, as he recently became, Dr. Pogson, has been an unofficial ambassador (no pun intended) for all things BL through to MG Motor UK for many years. Again, as many who attended AROnline’s recent 20th Anniversary gathering at Gaydon will concur, he’s a chap who bristles with knowledge, passion and a love of sharing his experiences and anecdotes with anybody.

Sadly, Ian was recently involved in a road traffic accident for which, according to many witnesses and the Police, he was totally without blame. Riding back home from the NEC after attending an event, a car pulled out in front of him which caused a collision and resulted in Ian being thrown from his ‘bike. Ian consequently sustained serious multiple injuries – in addition to cuts and bruises, he has a broken femur, a cracked pelvis and two broken wrists.

More worrying was a slight nick which he sustained to his carotid artery. Had this been just slightly more deeper, it would have been – in Ian’s own words –  ‘curtains at the kerbside for sure‘. Despite this horrendous experience and after spending well over 15 hours in surgery, Ian is now recovering at home in the bosom of his wonderful family in Worcestershire.

I popped up to visit Ian just the other day and, despite being in a great deal of pain with very limited mobility, he’s not lost his ability to talk the leg off a chair and reminisce about engineering, steam locos and the good old, bad old days. I was a bit shocked at what I saw and his batteries soon ran down after an hour or so. His spirit and determination hasn’t been touched luckily… this bloke’s a real fighter.

Ian, his wife Sharon and rest of the family would like to thank and make it known they are touched by the amount of well-wishers who have contacted them and sent dozens of cards. Thankfully, Ian’s on the mend, but he’s taken a good hiding and one hell of a shock to the system – both of which will take a good time to heal. All of us here at AROnline hope you join us in sending our thoughts and best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

All the very best Ian… We hope you get back on your feet soon!

Mike Humble


  1. Please add my Best Wishes, to all the others that I am sure you will receive, and please convey these to “The DOCTOR”.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Get well soon Ian. I still recall fondly my days as an apprentice at LR working for you in OEM sales.

  3. I’ve never met Ian but judging by his comments in the recent AROnline gathering video, he is a very interesting chap and very loyal to ‘the firm’. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and he will be able to share more of his interesting career with us in the future.

  4. Sad to read this! If you’re reading this, Ian, all the best for a speedy recovery. Many happy memories working for you in the Competitor Analysis department thirty+ years ago !

  5. I was unable to attend AROnline’s 20th Anniversary gathering at Gaydon back in September and therefore missed out on the opportunity to catch up with Ian at that event. However, if you are reading this Ian, you are in my thoughts and please accept my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    Meanwhile, if you will forgive me for lapsing into retired Lawyer mode, I hope that you have instructed a good Solicitor to act on your behalf in the ensuing Claim for Damages…

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