News : Ginetta’s latest mid-engined supercar

Keith Adams

Ginetta G60 to take up where TVR and Noble left off...
Ginetta G60 to take up where TVR and Noble left off...

More good news for the British car industry and Ginetta unveils its first mid-engined production car since the 1980s G32. The G60 may well be heavily based on the ill-fated Farboud GTS, but it comes in at an appealing TVR-style price (in today’s money), and promises excellent performance, handling and up to the minute construction techniques.

Power is by a 3.7-litre naturally aspirated Ford Mustang V6 pumping out 310bhp – a less exotic option than the old car’s 32v Audi V8. Ginetta also offers a 410bhp supercharged GTS, which knocks down the o-60mph time to under four seconds and a top speed that exceeds 165mph. The engine sits on a new tubular steel subframe, separated from the carbonfibre tub, and is mated to a six-speed Ford gearbox powering the rear wheels through a Quaife limited slid differential.

The car weighs a relatively lightweight 1100kg, and costs £68,000 for the standard version – making it the ideal candidate to slot into the sub-911 market, an area that both Noble and TVR were once so dominant in.


Keith Adams


  1. It is nice to see the Ginetta name making a comeback on a car that doesn’t command an extravagant price tag.

    Then again, from the front and side it does look like some of the new concepts that Lotus was showing off earlier this year.

  2. Looks a bit more like the Noble prototypes. Wonder if it will be as good as the Farboud, which was supposedly pretty good.

  3. Sorry, But that has to be one of the MOST boring “super cars” I’ve ever seen.. There’s not a flick of character on it! I could design better!..

    Don’t get me wrong, the proportions are nice, but it’s just so forgetful.

  4. Ginettas were compact, practical and affordable, this hits none of those targets – what do the Walklet brothers think?

  5. Does it matter it looks a bit like a concept Lotus or Noble? I think not; Ginetta beat both of them to market. Good luck to them. I like the look of it.Also interesting to see a mustang V6 pumping out 310 bhp compared to my old 260 achieving that bhp with a V8 4.6 mustang. Would be interesting to know if Ginetta have upped it or just dropped the block in there?

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