News : Grab yourself a MINI sketch for Christmas

MINI R50 sketch by Frank Stephenson

It’s that time of the year again, and you might be looking for something MINI related for a loved one – or perhaps yourself. Frank Stephenson, the Designer who gave the MINI (R50) much of its identity has produced this limited edition sketch, which you can buy via his website. It plays on the original advertising campaign in the USA, which successfully played on the bulldog comparison and contributed to its global appeal.

The sketch is said to demonstrate Frank’s philosophy of ‘Design Inspired by Nature’ and captures and blends the cheekiness and cuteness of the lovable British Bulldog and the MINI. We’ll reserve comment on that, but there are lots of British Bulldog-related pieces of MINI memorabilia out there, so this numbered and signed sketch by the original Designer should be well worth having.

You should be able to get this limited edition print (there will only be 60 of the A3 size and 600 of the A4 size), which is priced at either £95.00 and £225.00 depending on the size. You can grab the sketch at Also available online is a limited-edition sketches of the McLaren P1 and a Cheetah that Frank sketched for the launch of the film documentary, ‘Chasing Perfect’…

Frank Stephenson

Keith Adams

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