News : Ledbury Maestro’s happy ending

Regular readers might remember Ed Rollet’s tale of a Ledbury Maestro, which needed to find a new home following the untimely death of its owner, Lance Pickering. The T-registered example had been offered in exchange for a donation to the Midlands Air Ambulance.

The good news is that AROnline has helped find the car a new owner – and it’s going to an enthusiast, who will ensure it lives and breathes again! Ed says, ‘Soon after your story was posted, I was contacted by self-confessed collector of unsuitable ARG vehicles, Ben Baker (above left, with Ed).’

A holiday gift to an enthusiast

Ed adds, ‘Ben offered a generous donation (above my suggested number) to the Midlands Air Ambulance and the deal was done.’

‘On Saturday, with Easter holidays out of the way and the less-than-straightforward task of getting insurance sorted, Ben collected the car. He hopes to be able to show the car off after some more fettling at a future Pride of Longbridge event – the exact one to be determined!’

So, a great result for Ed, seeing this much-loved car end up with an enthusiast who’s genuinely going to enjoy this interesting Maestro variant.

Ed concludes, ‘please let me pass on Lisa’s thanks as well. Understandably, this has held many emotions for her, but seeing the car going to an obvious Maestro enthusiast has at least provided a light point.’

Keith Adams

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