News : Grab a Ledbury, help the Midlands Air Ambulance

Site reader and ex-Rover Engine Development Engineer at Longbridge, Ed Rollet, has been in touch with a sad tale. One of his team-mates from the factory, Lance, has recently passed away, but not before he’d bought a Ledbury Maestro with a view to using it to teach his eldest daughter to drive.

In the end, it’s too costly for her to insure, so she’s unable to take on her deceased father’s kind offer of this great car. As a consequence, Lance’s wife Lisa has asked us to find a good home for the car – in exchange for nothing more than a reasonable donation to Midlands Air Ambulance.

Time to spread the word

Ed asks: ‘Do you think we’d be able to spread the word on the site? Hopefully, we can help to keep this small piece of AR history where it belongs – on the road and raise a few pounds for a worthy cause. Since Lance bought the car, my good friend Mark and I have spent a couple of Saturday afternoons ‘fettling’ it.

‘All five gears and reverse are now accessible after renewing the nylon bushes in the gear linkage, cooling system flushed and the thermostat operating and so on. I think it is a genuinely usable car (in the right hands, of course) at least until the MoT comes round again in August!’

  • If you’re interested in taking on this rolling project, please drop Ed an email. And let us know how you get on.
Keith Adams


  1. A few details on the car would be good maybe?
    Incidentally re the traction engine in the background.. My parents recently walked into a museum in NZ and found a 20nhp Paxman steam engine built in Colchester sitting there, along with a model from a Leiston company. There’s another (originally bought by a relative of mine, E.Marriage, in 1885 for feed milling) still working in Burma providing power for a rice mill!
    How on earth did we go from that to Red Robbo in less than 100 years?

  2. The Far Eastern tiger charge lead by Japan showed too much British engineering to be 3rd world quality at 1st world prices might have something to do with it.

  3. I have a red T reg Ledbury and it is a joy. Two amusing points namely the driver has a vanity mirror not the passenger and the fuses are in the wrong order compared to the fuse diagram.The 5 speed box is a big gain compared to the 1275 model built in the UK

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