News : Lyonheart, ‘made in England’ E-type remix

The LYONHEART K, an all-new, British sports car has been launched, evoking memories of the Jaguar E-type and the founder of the company which built it. Classic Factory, the Swiss design company, recently enjoyed a huge worldwide success with its modern interpretation of the legendary Jaguar E-type, designed by Robert Palm in collaboration with Bo Zolland. In order to meet customer demand, decision was taken to build a limited series.

The 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 delivers 542bhp. Carbon fibre panels cover a state-of-the-art aluminium chassis, keeping the weight below 1600kg. The Lyonheart K reaches 60mph in under 4.0 seconds and tops 186mph (electronically limited). The car’s design philosophy is simple, use only genuine materials: carbonfibre, leather, veneer, polished stainless steel, brushed aluminium and chromed metal, nothing else. Extreme attention has been given to every exterior and interior detail. The aluminium engine is revealed by opening the traditional, front-hinged clamshell bonnet.

The Lyonheart K is entirely hand-built in Coventry by skilled craftsmen and a new company has been founded: Lyonheart Cars Ltd. The order books for the 50 first Lyonheart K cars are now open at a basic price of €495,000 (without taxes). The estimated delivery time is 18 months. Robert Palm, CEO of Classic Factory, said: ‘We want to make the ‘Made In England’ label into a truthful concept, not just a statement. Every part of the Lyonheart K is developed, engineered and hand-built in England. The design clues of the Lyonheart K reflect Britishness at its best: cool, elegant, refined, understated yet powerful and dynamic.’

Coventry, it seems, has a new supercar…


Keith Adams


  1. As it’s being hand built, I think I’ll have mine with different headlamps (I wish!) but, other than that, it’s simply stunning!!!

  2. I like this re-imaging of the E-type – it’s a classic, muscular shape without looking like a retro throw-back.

    The interior is nasty though – not very original or inspiring design. Too much wood which clashes with the metal effect.

  3. Stunning – I like the wooden dash – would ditch the metal though. I take it that “lyon” Heart is a nod to Sir William?

  4. … Puts armour on….

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like this? It’s a re imagining to far for me I’m afraid.

    See, the thing is… I just can’t see past the original E, so these cars always look like messed up versions of the original, to me.

    Is it really just me?

  5. I hate the headlights and stupid side vents, if only somone would make one without those and nice round lights under perpex covers, and some nice croame 1/4 bumpers… oh wait.. somone already did din’t they?

  6. That’s a beautiful car. On the outside a really good blend of modern and retro.

    On the interior I think they need to make some changes. That light colour dashboard top will reflect terribly in the screen and its colour doesn’t look right either. I’d make it black along with the strips at the top of the door trim. Also the steering wheel looks wrong – a modern black chunky one would suit a modern car better.

  7. Nice, but you could have the best E Type (modern mechanics if you prefer) and enough change for every remaining Austin Allegro. Or for a house.
    It’s too expensive!

  8. it’s good to see a niche product as carefully crafted as this coming from the Uk.. I like the interior design and the general styling. It’ll certainly appeal to a targetted market of anyone above the age of 45 and a huge disposable income. Certainly not a mass market car at all – if Jaguar produced this today, it’d flop like a fat bloke from a diving board. But as a piece of retro classic automotive engineering art, it gets my vote.. My dad would love it.

  9. Fabulously expensive, but also stunning to look at. I like the minimalist interior too.

    I just wonder what Jaguar’s views are on it and whether they wished they had considered a low volume, predominantly hand-built E-Type inspired sports car based on a modified version of the XK8 platform? Then again, they would have probably charged ‘only’ half this amount.

    I wish it all the best.

  10. when is british leyland going to build it?will i have time to cancel my order for the maxi 1750 i placed?

  11. @29 it would in no way have done the Jaguar product portfolio any favours at all if they produced it now, not even in a unique low volume production. It could make them money but it could also make the company look like it was looking backward. Very very bad. But like I say, those with the rose tints on and people like my dad might love it but, whilst I say it looks good, I truly hope Jaguar never produces anything like it.

  12. Jaguar should buy the rights & produce it, Can you imagine the demand for an affordable car that looks as good as that?

  13. @33, Graham..

    I’m pretty sure Jaguar already have the rights to do whatever they want with the E Type style language. If anything, these retro re thinking should be paying them! lol!

    I’m sticking with my guns though… Don’t like it, a re imagining too far.. and apart from that, the design is SO busy and cluttered… completely missing the smooth and sleek intention of the shape…. IMHO, Fail.

  14. @33 there clearly is demand for it but in all honesty it would not be good for Jaguar overall as it would damage their reputation as a foward looking company and harm their current product portfolio. It’s not a direction they should go in, therefore they should not be tasked with producing this car at all.

  15. “The interior is nasty though – not very original or inspiring design. Too much wood which clashes with the metal effect.”

    Well i’m sure that wont be a problem, when you order yours you can just ask for a different Dash.

  16. @36 – Jags of old used to have 2 tanks, and therefore 2 fillers 😉

    I like this in the same way that I liked the Bertone concept last year, but no way should Jaguar be building cars like this. Retro doesn’t work at this level, look at the R75 & S-Type if you want proof. Jaguar are bang on the money with their current range and concepts like the C-X16.


  17. Theres retro and theres retro. The old XJ, S Type and X type all failed miserably. This is just fantastic though. Criminal that Jaguar wont build a car like this.

  18. Thing is… IF jag made this the reception would be very different.. they could make this exact car and they’d get booed out of the building imho.

  19. The headlamps and side vents spoil it a bit but all I can say is pwhoar. Pure automotive filth. It is enough to cause a crisis!

  20. “but no way should Jaguar be building cars like this”

    They aren’t…. this isn’t made or designed by Jaguar at all. Doesn’t even hint at being made by Jaguar in the article.

  21. Beautiful car, but two things jar:
    – the weight (with al that carbon fibre and aluminium I think 1.600 kg is er.. dissapoiting
    – the price (for that money I can buy a Ferrari 458 and an Aston V12 Vantage. Wow).

  22. Does anyone else think this looks old fashioned? Wouldn’t have been shocked to see that in about year 2000. The best ‘retro re-imagining’ car is the superb Alfa 8C. This thing looks crude in comparison despite the quality materials.

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