News : MG5 scooped!

Keith Adams

MG5 caught testing!
MG5 caught testing!

Clearer images of the MG5 have made it on to the Internet. And it looks like Shanghai’s Golf challenger is going for a conservative, but neat, look that will continue along the path the 6 and 3 have established – one that shouldn’t scare off too many hatchback buyers in Europe and the far East. The car, which is underpinned by a Roewe 350 chassis and powered by its 1.5-litre turbo four-pot, is contemporary – and, when we had a look over it at Longbridge back in June, we found quite a lot to like about it, not least its airy interior and refined power unit.

If it follows that the Roewe 350, there will be plenty in the MG5 to interest tech-heads, not least its Android O/S enabled info-tainment system. This is something that has certainly gone down well with Chinese buyers. It has the potential to look good if the MG Concept 5 (below), which was styled in Longbridge, is anything to go by.

Re-reading our model-breakdown should help explain where the MG5 fits into the range. Expect it to hit the showrooms in the UK towards the end of 2012.

MG Concept 5
MG Concept 5
Keith Adams


  1. It looks like MG are really going places now, after almost a decade in the doldrums. It’s good to see.

  2. Looks like a “neat” little hatchback sharing some design features with the 6. A cheaper alternative to a Polo & Golf?

    Last week I saw my first MG6 in Yorkshire. It was LHD on a VU11 reg plate (demonstrator?). Looked OK but I didn’t feel the same level of excitement that I did, seeing the first MG ZT’s all those years ago.

  3. Hmm…So much less anonymous if they had produced that shark like concept intead of what will essentially be another car you can’t tell apart from others unless you zoom in on the badge.

  4. Looks like a Golf!

    No really it looks alright, this should sell OK in Europe, it’s the right size and with a decent engine and chassis it will be a good alternative to the Mazda 3, Hyundai’s and Kia’s being pitched above them but below Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf.

  5. I still think the male model in the bottom photo needs a good meal.

    The MG5 looks like it has the makings of an interesting small hatchback. Hopefully it will come with a powerful and torguey turbo-diesel engine.

  6. Looks good if not overly distinctive. The ‘disguise’ will, however, hide more subtle differences.
    Like the front styling but that concept front would have been far more distinctive. Still, if you are wanting big sales then I suppose you have to play it safe.

    On a more general note. It’s been a busy week but I hope to visit the new look site much more at the weekend and leave a few comments

  7. MG – to sell any quantity in Europe, you need DIESEL. Understand, DIESEL. Fit a DIESEL engine. (Do you think they might listen?)

  8. Looks good. Being an avid follower of the MGR story, I am very keen to see the brand and UK production succeed. MG I think are currently at where KIA were say 5 years ago in terms of quality and engineering, and like them, I think each new MG will be that little bit better than the previous model launched, which in time will make for a powerful brand again. Granted the MG6 is a little rough around the edges, but for a first attempt it is not bad (shame Jeremy Clarkson connot appreciate this though).
    and the subsequent 3, and then this 5 will all be incrementally better.

  9. I really hope the Five and the 3 sell well, i feel the style is a little bland not sure if this is a good thing or not, i hope they do well though the UK with out MG would be a little strange …

  10. why do we have to wait for launch ,nows the time leave it too long it becomes old hat ,saic have to be more confident in there product and launch .and surely they are listening about diesel diesel diesel .

  11. I still think its weird I like the M3 and 5 but not keen on the MG6 I know they all look similar but I cant help thinking the MG6 is a little like the rover 600 quite reliable not ugly but certainly non-descript perhaps…btw are the MG6’s on the roads yet or are they still taking orders while production ramps up?????? alex

  12. Funny how people complain that modern cars all look the same, as most of the makers build them similar as they believe this is what us the motoring public want! Thats why middle of the range cars try and be like the Golf etc etc. The days of being different are long gone!!!

  13. Of the 3 models.. This’ll be the Marque Saviour.. as long as it’s as good as it looks.

  14. Like it, will there be a DIESEL though? 2012? Could do with being here sooner! The brand still isn’t strong enough to rest on just the 6, it also needs a proper sports car and soon.

  15. Rob C.. Why do people keep asking this question when we know that diesel units will be available for the MG cars from the middle of next year in conjunction with the wider European launch? It gets to be a tiring question after a while….

  16. Ross A – I agree with your comments regarding the availability of a diesel engine. We can shout as much as we like, but the fact is this won’t help speed up the final sign-off testing and validation for the engines before they enter production.

    As you say, it has been confirmed that diesel-powered versions will arrive next year. I guess that any potential buyers of the MG6 as well as MG enthusiasts will have to be content with that, rather than thinking they can speed up what is a lengthy legislative process by simply beating their chests.

  17. @Ross C – maybe so – but the sheer lack of MG6s on the roads around the West Midlands (it’s spiritual home) and on the M-ways points to one key fact – petrol engined cars do not sell – anyone who needs to commute, or needs to drive a lot of miles for their work will not touch petrol. So, if MG wants to sell any quantity of cars, they must offer an oil-burner. Sorry if this is a tedious question, but I can’t see MG shifting any serious quantities until it is answered.

  18. I can’t see that Checked Paint finish selling well though, even with a Diesel under the bonnet. (joke).

  19. cant wait to see it, and i am so looking forward to the next few years with a proper range of cars to look at.

  20. I hope that this car does well, nice to see MG brand back on the map, but as I said in earlier coments, the engine spec needs to be comparable to the eralier ZT, ZS, ZR range, to get that MG sporty feel. They must introduce a diesel soon , this will enhance the range and give a good selling point to the buying public.

  21. That is a good looking car, MG is back, though I think that for the MG 5 in sporting applications they need to dump the 1.5, 1.5T, 1.8, 1.8T, and develop an engine spinoff of the 1.9D as a 1.9T for the GTI competitor, and a 2.5T for the competitor to Golf R, Megane RS, Focus RS, etc.

  22. You see, these shots already show a more distinctive front end than the MG 350. It bears a strong family resemblance to the MG6. Personally, I rather like this face. It is reasonably distinctive and a shade sporty.

  23. why dont they make it exactly as concept and sell it at a premium?mg isnt a new car company it has decades of heritage some of it  best left alone,alfa romeo dont exactly make reliable cars but most are desirable.That car would sellin any market,anyway im on my second bottle of absinthe….

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