News : MINI Cooper Works GP II unveiled

Keith Adams

MINI John Cooper Works GP II
MINI John Cooper Works GP II

Just like in 2006, when the Cooper John Cooper Works  GP was rolled out as the ultimate MINI towards the end of the R50’s life, history seems to be repeating itself with the unveiling of the  Works GP II close to the end of the R56’s lifespan. Although the power and performance figures have yet to be announced, MINI has confirmed that the new car laps the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in 8mins 23secs, some 19 seconds quicker than the supercharged original.

MINI has confirmed that a mere 2000 GP IIs will be built, and it’s a sure bet that the two-seater (the rear is removed, just like the original) will boast the best power to weight ratio of any regular production version. Styling is bolstered by the addition of new bumpers, side skirts and a unique roof spoiler, Aerodynamics have been tweaked to improve downforce by the addition of a bespoke underbody diffuser and sealed underside.

The suspension set-up has been made more extreme with the addition of adjustable and stiffened springs, and uprated dampers. New alloy wheels (that evoke the original GP) and super-sticky road tyres have been specified, and more powerful brakes complete the dynamic updates.

More details to follow.



Keith Adams


  1. Another surefire success from BMW! Cracking looking car, can’t wait to see the next generation of MINIs!

  2. Looks like they’ve spent a couple of hundred notes buying rubbish in Halfords to stick on. Let’s hope the new model reintroduces some design purity…

  3. Er….thats from MINI not BMW. There’s no BMW badge on it, not marketed as a BMW, not sold as a BMW and nor do we want it to be. It’s a MINI!

  4. @3 Timbo,-its a bit like those ‘Value Brands’ marketed by Tesco in order to compete with the pseudo brands made by Lidl and Aldi. Lidl has brands like ‘Campo Largo’ and ‘Vita D’Or’ and the strangely named ‘McEnnedy’.

    Tesco responded by marketing alternatives to its own-label ‘Value Brand’ by launching in-house budget brands such as ‘Oaktree’ savouries and ‘All About Shine’ shampoo (actually the latter is rather good, if a bit runny).

    If its owned by Tesco, and exclusively marketed by Tesco, then it is Tesco. And if its made by BMW, and marketed by BMW (in separate showrooms alongside its main brand), then it IS a BMW…

    And the PseudoMINI has none of the design purity of the original, which was intended as a tiny ‘real car’ that could be afforded by the masses, rather than a ’boutique’ product that seems to appeal mostly (albeit not exclusively) to adequately affluent females with Cuprinol suntans. As for the increasingly absurd variants that seem to be released every other week, well I’m at least glad that BMW are doing well and offering employment, but just wish they would come up with something very much more inspiring and original, as Fiat did when they came up with a contemporary 2 cylinder ‘Air engine’ for the 500- it is still ok to reboot an old franchise- as long as it is done with real elan.

  5. Some people still think of the original Mini as it was in 1959, a small economical car for the masses. Once the Metro was launched in ’81 this was no longer the case. It only lived on as there were enough people buying it for themselves as small one person transport. By the late ’80s it had become a fashion accessory with all the special editions etc. At it’s demise 13 years ago the Cooper was at the £10k mark. So, put away the rose tinted glasses and look at this for what the MINI is. A well built, British built (if you ignore the Countryman) car that is a sales success that employes 1000s of people in the UK alone.

  6. well,who wouldnt feel a tool driving round in that car in those colours? cant wait for the MINI mug model.

  7. I like the wheels,i know i sound negative with the MINI and i think im suffering from “MINI fatigue” why not sell a stripped out car in race trim and punt it for £20-odd k?instead of poncing about and making it look like a candidate for barryboys.

  8. @Francis Brett- The BRM Rover 25 got away with using a similar colour scheme- to my non-boy-racer eyes, it actually looked good on that car. On the PseudoMINI, it just looks like another stick-on patch effect. Whilst it can no doubt deliver the goods as far as its basic engineering goes, stylistically it just goes to show that if you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, at least you can make a tart’s handbag.

  9. @9 i completely agree,im happy they keep the workers in jobs and they sell home and abroad they just arn’t my cup of tea, and you will never hear me saying they are not a hoot to drive,i think the cynical marketing gets me down.If this car was a stripped out ready for track events etc than id want one,but its look at me,ive more money than sense,a small member and the salesman slotted me with the options list as well!

  10. I never really liked the look of the GP2 when it was launched however it has grown on me and I just purchased one and what a car it is. MINI really did get it right with the GP1+2.
    I have so far not liked the look of the 3rd gen mini the F series although I like the interior of the mk3 I still don’t like the overhang at the front.
    I wonder what the mk3 GP will look like next year.

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