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Normal working was resumed today at Morris Motors, Cowley, after a two- day stoppage of paint shop workers which brought production to a stand- still. The unofficial strike was in protest against the dismissal of one man for alleged bad workmanship.

There was a partial return to work last night by paint shop men on the night shift and limited production was resumed for about two hours. But men in the body shop walked out because they would not agree to reduced rates and the factory closed again at around midnight. Some paint shop workers on the day shift began work at the normal time today and others followed later. Men engaged on other stages of production resumed work from the start of this morning’s shift, as sufficient painted bodies were produced during the night shift. A local conference to discuss the dispute which led to the stoppage bas been arranged for May 14.

Work was back to normal yesterday at the Coventry factory of Jaguar Cars. Eighty women in the trim shop staged a sit-down strike on Thursday because they said it was too cold to work. About 650 assembly track workers were laid off and all car assembly was halted.

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