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blogs200807_26REGULAR readers will probably recall my tale of being frog-marched (in a gentlemanly manner) out of Media House at the beginning of the month, following the handing in of my notice to the powers-that-be. Well, as it’s now my last day in the employ of Bauer Consumer Media, I guess it’s safe to reveal where I’m off to.

On the 11th August, I’ll park myself at a new desk at Octane magazine where I’ll be taking up the role of Assistant Editor and Web Editor – I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into the new challenge. Looking at, there’s certainly a very, very good starting point to work from – with an effective CMS to play with, free classified adverts (I think it’s the only print classic car magazine to offer this) and an online price and spec guide. The way the content is displayed is rather good, too – I’m hoping that my input will make some difference.

Please feel free to take a look and give me some feedback about the website, the magazine and life in general.

Upon hearing about my move, the reaction of one of my colleagues made me smile. He said, ‘So the man who rescues Tomcats is off to the world of the Chopard watch… how will you fit in?’ Well, in answer to that, very well indeed. Having met the editorial team, I can tell you that they’re all committed petrolheads and their love of cars is as deeply ingrained as yours or mine.

There’s a bit of a perception that Octane’s all about mega-bucks cars and it’s fair to say that there’s more than a few Astons, Bentleys and Ferraris featured but there’s also more than adequate coverage of the more bread-and-butter end of the classic car market in there, too. Take a look at the cover of this month’s issue – there’s a 40th anniversary feature about BL to enjoy. Is it the only classic car magazine to run the story?

Oh, and needless to say, normal service will continue on AROnline – no way can you keep me away from this place! I’m happy to upload all the news, gossip, history and other BMC>MG stories whenever they emerge so keep sending in your emails and messages – it’s what keeps me sane.

Keith Adams

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