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Get exclusive access to the Gaydon workshop

THE next meet takes place next weekend (November 26) at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire – and although we can’t promise that the weather will play ball, there’s a very good chance that all those fans of the website who enjoy an inside look into the past of BMC>Rover will love to attend. The reason for this is that we’ve arranged exclusive access to the museum’s workshop – and a tour of the facility.

As well as that, you can meet some of the forum members, visit the rest of the museum and enjoy its vast range of exhibits, including the very popular Issigonis Centenary exhibition. The New Year will see the museum close for several months in order to undertake an extensive refurbishment, so this may be your last chance to visit Gaydon until well into 2007.

If you’re interested in dropping by and saying hello, drop the event organiser, Eamonn Burnell, an email and he’ll tell you more about it. Otherwise, simply turn up to Gaydon on the day, and follow the signs for the ‘Austin-Rover Club’. The meet-up starts at 10.30am.

For more information about the Heritage Motor Centre, click on, or call, 01926 641188.

New club and website for Rover 200 (R8) owners…

R8s are great, mate… and here’s a club to prove it.

RECENTLY launched online at is the Rover 200 and 400 Mk2 Owners Club. The club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of these vehicles.

The website is dedicated to providing a complete online resource for the Rover 200 and 400 produced from 1989-1995. Information is being added daily, and aims to provide a comprehensive history and information on the vehicles. The website also includes free classified advertising and a community forum where technical advice can be sought and knowledge shared.

The community forum hopes to provide an important meeting place of like-minded enthusiasts where a wide range of technical advice can be sought and knowledge shared. It can also provide a focus for organising meetings and shows. Sources of spares parts will also be easier to arrange and ensure their continuity with the backing of an owners club.

Membership is currently free, and the club is currently looking for more people to come onboard and become involved with the day to day running be that providing more information for the development of the website, technical advice or organising events.

For more information then please visit or contact

Metro Rally?

Got a Metro, and want to go adventuring?

Paul Grzalek has been in touch to tip us off about the Crumball Rally – a banger rally that he hopes will be aimed specifically at Austin/Rover Metros – and their owners, of course. The “Italian Job”, is a budget car rally taking place over a long weekend in July 2007, and very loosely based on the classic 1969 crime caper. Taking in France, Switzerland and Italy in three days, the route involves visiting several of the key film settings including the incredible St. Bernard pass and the city of Turin, before heading onto Monte Carlo and Nice for the Finish.

But it’s not just about driving… There will be daily challenges en route, and be a bit of risk taker since you and your team have to do all this in a car ideally costing no more than £200.

The interesting thing is that Paul tells us, it’s aimed specifically at Metro drivers. He said, “what we think will appeal to some of your members… specifically, a rally aimed at Metro owners…”

For more information, click on

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