News : XPart moves to new distribution centre in Hinckley

XPart-jpegXPart, the MG Rover original parts business, is looking forward to a new and exciting era, after moving its operations centre from Desford to Hinckley Commercial Estate. XPart’s commercial staff moved into their new facility at the beginning of June while the transfer of all the company’s stock has just been completed.

The Hinckley facility was built seven years ago and is a state of the art building with many technical innovations. This gives XPart a great opportunity to review workflows and maximise productivity. XPart’s inventory of MG Rover parts and All-Makes workshop consumables are located more efficiently than in the original Desford warehouse – this helps the company to minimise travel time to and from the racks and reduce the space required to operate its business.

XPart has also been working with its UK transportation partner, Norbert Dentressangle, in order to make its parts distribution process more efficient, by combining and sharing loads with their other customers nearby. These developments are all part of Xpart’s continuing commitment to improving the supply of MG Rover original parts to the company’s worldwide distribution network and AutoService centres in both the UK and mainland Europe.

Clive Goldthorp


  1. I wonder if they will misplace the mainframe this time (or maybe that was just a malicious rumour) alex

    • It would certainly make sense. I’m not sure how what the future holds for a parts supplier where the newest cars are nearly 10 years old, with low sales volumes in the latter years production.
      These old cars will usually be used for low mileages, will be easily written off, rather than repaired, following even low speed accidents and most owners will now be looking for used parts where possible anyway.
      I wonder how many people on this site realise that Hinckley’s largest employer is a highly successful, completely British owned, motor manufacturer with a legendary brand name?

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