News : Nissan UK makes its 50,000th Leaf


Three years after Nissan introduced electric vehicle and battery manufacturing to Europe, the 50,000th European-built Nissan Leaf has rolled off the production line. The silver, Tekna grade Leaf rolled off the production line last week and is destined for a customer in France.

Five years ago, the Leaf was the first mass-market electric vehicle to go on sale and it remains the best-selling EV of all time with almost 220,000 vehicles sold worldwide. With a new 155-mile range Leaf 30 kWh on sale across Europe, Nissan is pioneering affordable, all-electric technology for the mass-market.

Having introduced electric vehicle production to Europe with Leaf in 2013, Nissan launched a second EV into Europe in 2014 when the e-NV200 van went into production in the Nissan’s Barcelona plant in Spain – powered by the same European-built advanced lithium-ion batteries as the Leaf.

Today, Nissan is the first manufacturer to look beyond the car and into the future – turning the Leaf into a fuel station for your house or workplace and a mobile power unit that makes Nissan customers money.


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  1. The title of this article should read state 50,000 not 500,000 surely?
    Fantastic achievement nonetheless

  2. If only these things were nearly as good for the environment as Nissan claim – maybe they will be one day, but for now I’m far from convinced.

    Irked me how they conned Brown’s government into believing that only EV’s were the future and the resulting huge public investment they, (and by implication, also Renault) got out of it.
    The fact it helped secure British worker’s jobs was the only silver lining.

    Still get annoyed when I see the smug BS ‘Zero Emissions’ badges plastered on them, (though to be fair, other makers of electric vehicles are just as guilty)

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