News : Nissan unveils the new Qashqai

Dan Powell

Nissan Qashqai (2)

Nissan has unveiled its second-generation British-made, designed and engineered Nissan Qashqai, with new engines, improved refinement and a larger interior. Order books are now open, with deliveries expected to start in January 2014. The second generation crossover hopes to win over old and new customers with a number efficiency improvements: weight has been cut by 40kg and the car’s aerodynamics have been streamlined to reduce drag and improve fuel consumption.

The powetrain line-up consists of four engines – two petrol and two diesels – and the choice of two or four-wheel drive. A 1.2-litre DIG-T petrol engine with 114bhp will kick off the range and returns a claimed 50mpg while emitting 129g/km of CO2. A more powerful 1.6-litre petrol unit, with 148bhp, will be added in July 2014 and return an equal 50mpg, but emit 132g/km.

The entry-level diesel will be an ultra-efficient 1.5-litre dCI unit, which will emit just 99g/km of CO2 and return a claimed 74mpg. A top of the range 128bhp 1.6-litre diesel will also be on offer, featuring thermal management to reduce warm-up and friction losses. In two-wheel drive the 1.6 will emit 115g/km and return 74mpg, while the four-wheel drive transmission will increase those numbers to 119g/km and 54mpg.

Nissan has created a new chassis control system for both the two and four-wheel drive versions of the Qashqai, to improve the car’s stability and control. Active ride technology will monitor the wheel speed to detect any undulations in the car’s ride, while a new Active Trace Control system will keep an eye on the trajectory of the car and mimic a limited slip differential to improve traction and eliminate understeer. Hill start assist will also be included to make it easier to start the car on steep inclines.

Technology plays a big part in the new Qashqai and top-spec models will get traffic sign recognition, motorway lane departure warning and blind spot system that will alert the driver if a passing car is hidden from the mirrors. There’ll also be a front collision avoidance system, which will scan the road ahead by using a built-in radar system to stop the car if it detects a potential collision.

Nissan Qashqai (1)

Keith Adams


  1. More good news from Nissan. Looks ok, and the continuing investment in the plant is great news for North East England!

  2. Good news for Sunderland but I wouldn’t give it a second glance if it drove past me, I’m sure a side by side pic would show the differences but this is just a Quashqai – and it’s success for me is it’s downside – they are far too common a sight.

  3. @5, Quorn eating Guardian reading tossers that drive at 23 mph everywhere and have i love Marrietta Higgs stickers in their back windows.

  4. The Qashqai was the very first of these baby 2WD car’s that pretend to be a larger 4×4, prior to 2006 there was nothing in this class. It’s a great car but too much un-needed technology in the new one; At least it look SO much better than that ghastly Vauxhall Mokka.

  5. I looks smart to me. The engines however look a little under powered to me. The must be demand for diesel with say 170 bhp.

  6. @10, The car GM cannot make enough such is the demand, slated in the motoring press for a whole heap of nonsense,people still went out with their cheque books,much as they do with this Nissan,which in its present form is a Mediocre looking car that has served Nissan well. The Juke is a much more striking car but at least this new model sharpens thing up.

  7. Although good news for the uk, this is just another, clone of the uninspiring, boring, shapeless Asia-bland softroader set. Can you really tell the difference between this and a Toyota Rav4, or a Kia Sportage, or a Subaru Forester??

  8. Another British success story! Designed and engineered in Cranfield, and made in Sunderland. Rather different to the assembly-only operation of BMW at Cowley.

  9. I am pleasantly surprised by this car. Not the adventure that is the Juke… like or loath it…. but a decent looking car, not inspiring but should do well…. Although Wolseley Man will hate it? 🙂
    Just read this morning the warning from NISSAN BOSS CARLOS GHOSN about the consequences of the UK leaving the EU. Just when we are producing fine cars at Sunderland and the Factory is one of the most efficient in the world….. Lets hope the Politicians don’t cock it all up!

  10. Having decided they couldn’t make anything that looks interesting (although the Juke looks cool) Nissan have re-badged the Ford Kuga.

  11. Big improvement on the looks front. It sounds like it’s more than capable of stepping up the Koreans.
    But it reads road signs for you? Can people not think anymore?

    Don’t start Sam, don’t start…

  12. The Nissan Qashqai. A great British success story. Congratulations to all the stylists, engineers and manufacturing staff.

  13. I like it. Those who are saying it’s bland, derivative, shapeless, etc – well yes, but what do you want exactly ?

    @15 – correct to a point, BMW Oxford assembles MINI from body panels made down the road in Swindon.

  14. Does anyone believe Nissan would close Sunderland if we pulled out of the EU? Ghosn did not specify the consequences,so maybe he should leave the politics out and run the Nissan/Renault alliance.

    Sunderland is the jewel in the crown for Nissan,and the workers there. well done i say.


  16. they have come a long way since buying licenses to build Austin engines (if that is what really happened). 74 MPG is impressive. alex

  17. Its a strange old game the forum, BMW this MINI that = cocks out.
    Nissan with its sell out hit- overseas too and keeping 6000+ families heads above water and the car is shit.

  18. Been at the cooking sherry again Francis?

    BTW – the Nissan crossover thingy is very worthy, but dull, as they all are. However, if it keeps the Sunderland plant going, and a few bums off Audi A4 seats then I’m all for it…….

  19. @4 – What sort of car do you drive then? I’m sure we’ll all have an opinion about that as well. I’ll make sure mine is very negative! – This new Qumquat thing has overtones of the Jaguar SUV recently revealed – particulary around the rear hips. Hardly a bad thing.

  20. @15 – More uninformed prejudicial bollocks about Cowley and MINI. The MINI is stamped from sheet steel upwards with all body panels originating from the old BL/Pressed Steel Fisher plant in Swindon. Engines are all made at Hams Hall in Birmingham, along with thousands of other 4 cylinder engines destined for German built BMW’s whilst the gearbox/transaxle comes from the former Ford transmission – mow Getrag plant at Halewood.

  21. @25 anton80
    Some people don’t have that type of vanity and want people to stop and stare. They just want a decent looking car,which this is, which is reliable and has decent room. That’s the market Nissan are aiming at and why the Qashqai sells in big numbers. Not your thing…..I take your point on the gadget, yes more unneeded thing to go wrong.

  22. @33
    Kev has said this before, he is generally well informed but the Mini is made in the UK ? I don’t understand either. It may just be a BMW thing.
    @15 Kev, care to defend your view of assembled mini’s. I know they are not designed or engineered here but why do you class them as assembled?

  23. @32, Golf, Senator,E30,Marina Coupe,Grand Vitara,Vectra,Focus,P38 (Westminster edition)and about six other vehicles.

    Say whatever you want.

    @31. I dont drink sherry Pingu. And as i have stated in my threads, i am all for this car, but hey, criticize me all you want for stating what is abundantly clear.

    Apart from the completely useless Leaf,this factory is making and selling cars people want (one of Paul H’s default taglines involving anything BMW or MINI) much the same as the MINI plant i suppose.

    I would sooner be in a Qashqai or Juke than some Paceman or whatever its called. Just a little less BS than the MINI stuff, maybe why it so well.

  24. @36 – no need to be insulting. I think you may have anger management issues. Perhaps you need to start posting on the Autocar forum – you’ll fit in well there.

  25. @39 I only asked him if he’d been at the sherry – how is that insulting? He belittled me……I suggest you look up ‘insult’

  26. Ha ha and some folk have the temerity to traduce my name and say im a troll!

    @37, Yes that is my picture of a completely mint,rust free 1.8 s.c SDL coupe, i dont need that amount of cars i merely want them,i am a petrolhead through and through. I also have a Pug 304 van, possibly regret buying that one.

    Considering a Princess next,but the jewel in the crown would be a Ascona B 2.0 SR.

    Anger management issues? nah pal i just say it as i see it,
    You see most of the time i try to keep it to the cars or the politics,im amazed some public sector wallor has not tried to bring me to book over the RAV4 comment- there is one exception- a bird round the corner has one that isnt a social worker and would love to porridge her tonsils.

    I neednt post on Autocar, im fine here thanks for the suggestion. Until Kieth invites me to leave this site i will carry on enjoying reading and posting.

    Taxi, sherry and anger heard it all before, either debate me or dont engage me.

  27. Ok fine, just stop being so quick to criticise things you don’t necessarily understand, and stop the name calling.

  28. @41 you should post a picture of the marina coupe, or have you done that?
    I like the sound of the princess but I’ve never been one for getting passionate about opals, probably because GM knock the personality out of anything they touch.
    You’re referring to my comment on another post about “sounding like you are trolling”. In truth I don’t beleive that poor language does anything to your argument but it does get you a response which is probably your intention… enjoy antagonising and the wrestle online.

  29. @42, And what dont i understand? you imply im some sort of sherry swilling hobo and you get a runny bottom over being called Pingu that much loved cartoon character?

    @41 I do enjoy a wrestle i dont antagonise, i post like the next man,there is many a time i have wiped my mouth on here because i was plain wrong.
    Its a forum after all, i defend MG to the hilt when folk have the cars down has some death trap made from toxic waste.

    I absolutely always defend our pathetically meagre industrial output of this country when everybody else acquiesces and says oh well call centres are the future.

    Bravo to Nissan,since this company laid its first square foot of foundations here people have had money in their pockets.

    Anyway enough of all that bollocks, i have tried posting pictures before,but im not great on a PC and cant be arsed.
    I would happily email them.

    I love the Ascona ,such a fine drive and steer, much better than the Cortina in every way.

  30. Pingu-how insulting! Next time somebody annoys me on the road I shall wind down my window and shout “Pingu!” at them.

  31. @44 – you are bang on about the lefties francis. every leftie / commie I know drives a Quas or a juke. well, ok I only know 2 and one drives the quas and one drives a juke.
    Jukes are hideous and pointless cars, and the new quas looks like a cross between a kuga and a sportage – both good looking cars in my opinion.

  32. Far better looking than the ugly blob which is the current model but it does look like a cross between the Kuga, Rav4 and new suzuki. The only time we get different designs these days is pig ugly like its little brother the joke. Can we get some interesting designs

  33. Nissan invented the C-segment crossover – the original Kuga was a QQ clone. Want an interesting design? The Juke is certainly that. This new QQ is a handsome, well built & developed car & deserves to sell well. Used models of current QQ hold their value very well, which is a good reflection of general desireability backed up by quality.

  34. I was fitting rear parking sensors to a four week old Sportage today,very impressed with the tactile quality of it,the previous QQ didn’t quite have it,so for me,i will use the Kia as a datum reference when i see the next QQ.

  35. “Aka Honda CRV aka Hyundai Santa Fe” indeed also aka Kia Sportage, aka Vauxhall Antara, aka VW Tiguan, aka Mitsubishi Outlander, aka Suzuki something or other, aka Ford Kuga

    Basically all look the same, all do much the same all will be driven by yummy mummies on the school run.

    @26; 74 mpg will only be obtained by driving downhill with all the electrics turned off, the alternator belt reoved, the wing mirrors removed and the tyres pumped up to 150psi with 0.5 litre of fuel in the tank and a following wind. You’ll also need to tape up all the panel gaps and cover the air intake ….


  36. I love to read all this banter – and the quashky being ‘such a brilliant design that everyone wants versus the Quashky being just so boring’ is an interesting discussion.
    In essence I don’t care what Nissan make in Sunderland – utterly hideous or boring – I care not a jot. The fact is that some people like whatever they make and that earns the country money, gives hundreds of folks work and keeps an area of the UK healthy.
    We’ll never buy one because we wouldn’t buy any new car – they don’t float our boat but thankfully we are in the minority.
    Keep up the banter though – it does make us chuckle!

  37. Looks quite good with the new angled headlamp & grille treatment, although the back looks a bit Hyundai iX35 / Kuga as mentioned elsewhere. No doubts it will be a success for Sunderland plant and we’ll see loads of these on our roads.

    The 1.6 148bhp engine sounds interesting (like Fords 1.6 Ecoboost.) I’m not in the market for a crossover but do wish it well, for the sake of UK jobs…

  38. I’m sorry to appear a kill-joy here but this nonsense really must stop.
    We now have cars with devices to warn against running into another vehicle; we have devices to let us see all around the vehicle when parking and even some devices that park the car for us. We have the technology to avoid locking the wheels; avoid spinning the wheels; avoid oversteering; warn of us lane discipline and stop us from rolling back on a hill.
    Presumably, if all this intended to make our journeys safer, we shall shortly see cars with electronics to insist on the 2 second rule for following; ensure we circumnavigate mini-roundabouts; observe urban speed limits; never cut corners on blind bends; always indicate before we pull out; never get too close to a cyclist; always dip our lights when we should – and never place visibility impinging dangly things from the rear view mirror. I can’t wait for the device which cuts the engine when your’e just about to raise a Costa Coffee cup to your face at 70 mph – and lose 80 percent of your line of vision. That’ll go down well with the Audi set!
    I guess when we’ve got all that in place (and another thirty or so gizmo’s I could think of) we can do away with the basic driving test altogether as any ‘numpty’ will be able to ‘drive’.
    Clearly we can’t forget all the electronics now and insist on a high standard of driving as that is probably very old hat, not at all PC – and even might be against human rights!
    Then people wonder why I hark on about the old days when we all had to actually ‘drive’!
    Not far from where we live, a young girl came roaring into a village at 45 mph and ran into a minor road traffic accident that had happened a few minutes earlier. The young lady’s car was on one under inflated tyre and two bald tyres. She was texting her friend and listening to music on headphones. She killed a mother of three – a lady getting out of one of the cars involved in the first incident.
    How much electronics do we need to stop that happening then?
    Apologies for my ranting (unusual for me I know) but if we go on developing technology of this type just because we can – where will it all end?
    I don’t have the answer – I’m just asking the question.

  39. in 6 years time when I buy a second hand [cash kie ] will all that high tec stuff still work .radar and stuff ,I wont another car with low tec, cheap as chips to repair ,

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