Nuffield Place to be sold

Nuffield House to be sold
Nuffield Place to be sold

Nuffield College, founded by Lord Nuffield and to whom he left Nuffield Place when he died, has decided to sell Nuffield Place – a unique example of a complete, furnished 1930s home of a great industrialist and benefactor, not only to the City of Oxford and to the University, but also to medicine and education on a national scale.

The Friends of Nuffield Place (a Registered Charity) are campaigning to save Nuffield Place in perpetuity for the enjoyment of future generations. The property, which has been valued at £2.75m on the open market, is now closed but discussions are ongoing and the Friends are hopeful that a solution will be found to allow the house to re-open in the future.

The Save Nuffield Place Campaign has now been launched by the Friends of Nuffield Place – follow this link to find out more and see how you can help.

Any AROnline readers wishing to help and give a donation can do so by visiting the Friends of Nuffield Place’s fundraising page on Just Giving by following this link.

Keith Adams


  1. Its quite shattering to read such news after all that William Morris did for such organsations as the Oxford colleges as well as other eucational and medical institutions to make many things possible and achievable for the peióple of Britain!

    I can only say do try and yisit the place and do contact the Friends of Nuffield Place and really do something to save this wonderul memory of William Morris! Its certainly really unique in this cyber space world of ther fast buck with nothing behind it!

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