Low mileage Princess anyone…?

Keith Adams

Princess: How about this eBay bargain in Germany?
Princess: how about this eBay bargain in Germany?

Spotted by AROnline reader Simon Bailey, it would seem that it’s still perfectly possible to buy yourself a nice Princess in mainland Europe. This 1979 Princess 2 1700HLS looks to be sporting a very nice set of wheels and has a mere 12,000km on the clock…

Worth a punt if you live there?

If you bid on this car, do let us know, as we’d love to meet its new owner!

Keith Adams


  1. AS regards the Princess I see it’s RHD and sporting an AA badge on the grille. I would put money on it being an ex servicemans or even ex British Army staff car. The car is advertised in Belm which is not far from Osnabruck which until last year was the home of 4 Armd Brigade until it relocated back to the UK. I would be tempted as I live about 90 minutes from Belm but my own Austin Maxi has enough heritage issues without tempting fate

  2. Seems like a good price for a RHD Princess, particularly if it’s in the condition suggested, worth bringing back to the UK?

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