Gallery : Paris Motor Show 2010

Keith Adams

MINI Countryman WRC car
MINI Countryman WRC car

It was a full-on experience at this year’s Paris Motor Show, not least thanks to the show of strength from the British manufacturers. Jaguar undoubtedly stole the show with its wonderful C-X75 concept, but Range Rover’s Evoque went down well, as did the new Bentley Continental GT and MINI Countryman WRC car.

Here’s a gallery of some of the Paris highlights – enjoy and feel free to comment with your own thoughts. Was the show’s output convincing enough?

Keith Adams


  1. That Chatenet looks more like a Mini (and, sizewise, a spirutual (geddit) successor to the original). Any more details?

    The big Renault looks cracking. No doubt the UK won’t see it because the saloon buying public here are too blinkered. Ho hum.

  2. Lovely to see a 1990 Range Rover CSK on the Land Rover stand. I assume that it was complemented by one of the new 40th Anniversary Autobiography Black editions?

  3. Is the Chatenet the red and white one about half-way down the pictures? Is that the company that makes those tiny little cars with 500cc engines that some former Reliant Dealers now sell. It put me in mind of the Tata Nano but, if I was in the market for such a car, then I would probably buy a Smart car.

    However, a really neat concept in the ’80s was the ‘Africar’ – I liked the idea of a simple to fix anywhere, no frills car for developing countries.

    It was great to see the CSK Range Rover with the new Evoque but the Star of the Show for me has to be the new Jag!

  4. The Renault looks very bland to me. I much preferred the Vel Satis and (especially) the Avantime – at least the depreciation was served up with some character!

  5. A dull looking Korean Renault isn’t on my wish list! I doubt they’ll sell it here anyway – it’s debatable whether they’ll even sell it in France as it’s not really designed for Western Europe, where sales of non-prestige badged large cars have died.

  6. I quite like the big Renault but, if they do import it, it will probably soon be available for £11k at a Car Supermarket near you!

    Was the MG6 on show? I assume not unless I have missed it in the photos.

  7. WoopWoop! New Fabia vRS (I own the old one) hehe!

    I wonder if the girl in the colour-matched dress comes with it?

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