Our Cars : Rover 620Si running report

Keith Adams 

AROnline's bargain 620Si soldiering on...
AROnline's bargain 620Si soldiering on...

Okay, so this may be a short and boring one but, truth be told, this lack of column inches is what I’ve been expecting – and hoping for – from my Rover 620Si. Every morning, it opens on the fob, starts as it should and demists instantly thanks to its healthy air conditioning. For a car bought to drive my dull commute in, there’s little more to ask for. 

Early impressions are hardening, though. Firstly, the 620’s pliant ride and gentle damping continue to impress. For undemanding daily driving, the way it handles sleeping policemen (love that term), is a major factor – and it floats over them with no rattles or squeaks inside. I’ve driven new cars that make more of a commotion over them. 

Okay, that softness leaves me with a slight dilemma when it comes to bends, as there’s some body roll and very little feel through the wheel. But hey, does that matter when the sunroof doesn’t leak or when the brakes work? These are the factors that matter when driving the Best used Rover in the real world… 

There are a few things to fix – or improve. Here’s the list and, if you can help in finding any of the bits I’m looking for, there’s a beer in it for you! 

1) The exhaust is blowing. Not looked at it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be straightforward.
2) The stereo’s front speakers are muddier than a Land Rover’s underside. New ones needed!
3) The bootlid’s been vandalised. Anyone have a spare silver one kicking around?
4) I want 16in ti wheels on it. Anyone have a set in their garage going spare?
5) Although the interior’s as new, it’s velour, and I think leather would be preferable. Anyone? 

And, er, that’s about it. 

Told you it’d be short and boring!

Keith Adams


  1. I quite like the counterpoint of the evo sticker on the door behind. The 620Si’s more heaveho than evo though!

    It must be the Policemen that are asleep in West Yorks as the 618 we had at work when new was very bad over them – in fact, the 420SD I drove at the time was better, but the damping on fast undulating roads was positively awful. The 618 was, by comparison, much better at speed and on fast sweepers.

  2. Hmm, a potential Car of the Month? It’d be the first 600, would it not? A nice example of the breed :-).

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